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    Multi-factor sane pharmaceutical industry, three sub-areas are optimistic

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis: In the past 5 months, pharmaceutical, as an industry with strong growth certainty, has gained investors' attention and favorIn the medium and long term, the pharmaceutical industry has both value and growth attributes, the policy cycle on the pharmaceutical industry has a relatively large impact, policy trends remain unchanged, often the general trend of industry development will not occur directional changesIn addition, as aging increases, consumer health awareness and consumption power increase, the demand for pharmaceutical products will continue to expandIn addition, the pharmaceutical industry can be broken down into different sub-tracks, some enterprises can find growth and burst points, attracting a large number of funds to add code.
    Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry remains a long-term track of concern in terms of policy, industry fundamentals and capital allocation needsThe industry believes that, in terms of sub-sectors, the three directions are optimistic, namely, innovative drugs, CROs, medical services sector.
    In terms of the innovative drug sector, China's innovative drug market has huge space, "two-vote system", "belt procurement", "priority review and approval system", "generic drug quality and efficacy consistency evaluation" and other policies frequently, encouraging pharmaceutical innovation and research and development, coupled with the domestic still growing drug market and the strong demand brought about by the aging, the future may bring hundreds to trillion levels of incremental marketIn the eyes of investment institutions, innovative drugs are generally seen as an investment gold mine for the next decade.
    The industry believes that some innovative pharmaceutical enterprises, especially the traditional research and development model has a profound accumulation, while the cutting-edge technology layout is earlier and more comprehensive enterprises, in the process of innovation to meet the needs of upgrading.
    For example, Hengrui Pharmaceuticals invested in innovation early, strong, its research and development investment, investment as a proportion of sales are far more than the average peerIn terms of research and development investment, Hengrui invested 3.896 billion yuan in research and development in 2019, an increase of 45.90 percent over the previous year, and research and development investment accounted for 16.73 percent of sales revenue.
    At present, Hengrui has entered the harvest periodBy the end of 2019, the company had six innovative drugs for Theissib tablets, methyl sulfonate apatini tablets, thiaphin injections, Malayacid pyrith tablets, injections of carrified zumas and injections of toluene sulfonateIn addition, the number of other innovative drugs in research reached more than 30, many are in the second and third phase of clinical, Hengrui Pharmaceutical's innovative drug output has formed a batch of listed, clinical batch, the development of a batch of virtuous cycle.
    In the case of THE DRUG RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT Services Company, which provides services for innovative medicines, the future CRO demand and business penetration will increase rapidly in the context of the rapid development of the innovative pharmaceutical industryEspecially after the introduction of the volume procurement policy, forced pharmaceutical companies to transform into innovative drugs, driving the growth of domestic CRO service demand.
    Industry said, from consistency evaluation to innovative drug research and development, pharmaceutical companies on THE CRO enterprise's technical capabilities to improve the requirements In this process of transformation, with a higher level of service, better quality system of leading enterprises such as Tiger Pharmaceuticals, Kanglonghua cheng will benefit first.
    In addition, medical services can meet the needs of consumer upgrading medical services are also favored by the industry With the increasing level of consumer spending and the increasing awareness of health care, the medical industry is in line with the direction of future policy encouragement Industry recommendations can focus on self-funded, optional medical consumer services with core barriers, such as chain ophthalmology, oral and other sub-track.
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