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    Multiple locations, multiple departments, and multiple measures to ensure power supply

    • Last Update: 2021-10-10
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      Recently, many places across the country have successively issued notices on orderly use of electricity or rationing, and many places and departments have issued measures to respond urgently, rationally coordinate electricity use, and ensure the precision and refinement of orderly use of electricity, and protect people's livelihood, safety, and priority.
    , To ensure economic development and social stability


      In accordance with the deployment of the increase in production and supply during the heating season, the relevant business departments of the National Energy Administration have recently gone to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, East Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Hunan and other places to supervise the work of ensuring the supply of coal and natural gas.
    Guide localities and enterprises to implement various measures to ensure energy supply, strive to increase energy supply, and go all out to ensure the energy demand for people's livelihood in key areas this winter and next spring


      Right now, the three northeastern provinces will enter the heating season, and coal demand will increase sharply

      On the 25th, a signing ceremony for the full coverage and concentration of coal for power generation and heating in Northeast China was held in Beijing.
    The signed mid- and long-term coal contract involves major domestic coal production companies, guaranteed coal mines, and key power generation and heating companies in Northeast China.
    The proportion of medium and long-term contracts of thermal enterprises in the amount of coal used this winter will be increased to 100%, so as to ensure the use of coal for people's livelihood in the heating season in the northeast and the people's demand for warmth through the winter


      The National Development and Reform Commission recently issued a notice to various localities and relevant enterprises, requesting to promote direct insurance and full coverage of medium and long-term coal contracts for power generation and heating companies, to ensure the need for coal for power generation and heating, and to maintain the bottom line of coal for people's livelihood

      The relevant person in charge of the State Grid told the reporter that it will implement comprehensive policies and multiple measures simultaneously, strengthen the unified dispatch of the entire network, rationally arrange the operation mode, and serve the power generation enterprises, so as to achieve the merger; coordinate the deployment of resources, give full play to the advantages of the large power grid platform, and tap Trans-regional and trans-provincial channel power transmission potential; strengthen the monitoring of electricity consumption, do a good job of ensuring the electricity consumption of residents, serve users well, and respond to concerns; strictly implement the demand response and orderly electricity use plans formulated by the government, and communicate and coordinate in a timely manner Work to maintain the order and stability of power supply and use; strengthen the emergency duty of grid operation to ensure safe and reliable power use
    (Reporter Dai Xiaohe)

    Transfer from: Xinhua News Agency


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