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    my country's first intelligent deep-sea oil and gas storage center is put into operation

    • Last Update: 2022-05-26
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      Recently, China's first intelligent deep-sea oil and gas security storage center invested and constructed by CNOOC has been fully put into use at CNOOC's Hainan Terminal in Hainan Province, marking that the infrastructure construction of China's deep-sea oil and gas resources exploration and development supply chain security system has been basically completed.
    The logistical support foundation for the development of oil and gas resources and the construction of the trillion-dollar gas region in the South China Sea has been further strengthened


      The large-scale three-dimensional intelligent warehouse built this time covers an area of ​​nearly 7,000 square meters, which is the largest in the industry, and its technological advanced level has also reached the industry-leading level
    The intelligent warehouse is composed of four parts: AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) constant temperature storage area, equipment three-dimensional storage area, pipe three-dimensional storage area and cantilever constant temperature storage area.
    It has achieved a number of industry firsts in other aspects, and can provide a full range of material storage and distribution support for offshore oil and gas exploration and development


      The storage capacity of the large-scale three-dimensional intelligent warehouse put into use this time has reached 1.
    9 times that before the renovation, and standard containers are used to store materials in an all-round way

    Due to the intelligent warehouse control system, warehouse managers can operate multiple stackers and AGVs at the same time by one person and one machine to efficiently and accurately complete operations such as material access, item placement, and goods sorting, and the operation accuracy and operation efficiency are significantly improved

    At the same time, the scale of management personnel was reduced by 24% compared with the traditional warehousing model, and the comprehensive cost of warehousing and logistics dropped by more than 3 million yuan in the year when the warehouse was built


      In order to meet the needs of oil and gas exploration, development and production in the western waters of the South China Sea and deep-sea oil and gas, and improve the logistics support capability, CNOOC started to operate Macun Port in Chengmai County, Hainan Province in 2010, and gradually built warehouses, berths, storage yards, oil and gas in the port area.
    In February 2021, a large-scale three-dimensional intelligent warehouse with fully automated operation capability will be built on the basis of No.
    3 warehouse in Macun Port, and an intelligent deep-sea oil and gas storage system will be built


    From: SASAC website


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