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    Nanjing Hi Tea was interviewed because the total number of colonies exceeded 11 times

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, the Nanjing Market Supervision Bureau sampled 16 batches of fruit tea / milk teaThe results showed that the total number of edible ice colonies of Hi Tea exceeded the standard, and there was a greater food safety risk, the total number of colonies in 4 fruit teas/milk teas was higher than the same standards, and 3 were detected by ecoliThe person in charge of hi tea has been interviewedaccording to Jiangsu Satellite TV channel "News Eye" reported: Summer is coming, ice cream ice cream, fruit tea, milk tea and other cold drink consumer market is hot, happy tea, snow, a little bit and other net red brand is loved by everyoneThese well-known brands, in food safety will be more stringent? Recently, the Nanjing Xuanwu District Market Supervision Bureau launched a special testThe sampling found that a food ice, four ready-made drinks are detected microorganisms, that is, bacteria, there is a certain safety riskJune 2, 2020, "summer cold drink" special test start, sampling 16 batches of fruit tea (milk tea) 6 batches of edible ice, involving hi-tea, snow, can, a little bit and other brands, Nanjing Xuanwu District Market Supervision Bureau, food section chief Luo Yaling introduced, staff on cold drinks shops, coffee shops, including some fast food restaurants are tested for ice, mainly to detect health indicators, such as coliforms and the total bacteriaat present, the food and beverage link of bulk edible ice has no national standards, sampling personnel with reference to pre-packaged edible ice standards made a risk assessmentAccording to the requirements, the total number of colonies and Coliforms of the standard is 100CFU/g, 10CFU/g (read CFU per gram), 1 batch sample from the Xicha Nanjing Pearl River Road shop edible ice, the total number of colonies detected as 1200 CFU/g, there is a greater riskLuo Yaling analysis, the total number of colonies exceeded the standard, may be due to ice machine facilities or food and beverage production site reasons, as well as irregular personnel operation and other issues, may cause such microbial pollutionthis special test, extracted 16 batches of out-of-date fruit tea, milk tea, the results show that 4 batches of samples of microbial contamination, including 1 batch of sampling from the Pearl River Road shop pure milk tea, and 3 batches of samples from the Xi's tea Zhongshan Road branch fruit teaLuo Yaling introduced, four drinks in three of the detection of ecoli group, there are four species of the total number of reference to the same standards are higher than similar standardssampling results show that the two tea stores have a certain food safety risk, if not taken seriously, consumers eat the corresponding products, it is likely to cause gastrointestinal discomfortAt present, for the problems found by the sampling, the market regulatory authorities have been the first time to inform the tea management, and interview the relevant person in charge, asked to strengthen environmental health and personnel management next, the enterprise rectification in place, to the market regulatory authorities to submit rectification reports, the regulatory authorities will random on-site inspection, if necessary, will also carry out another test Source: Jiangsu News
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