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    Nanjing Yujia Virus Wart Medicine Research Institute published a research paper in the national academic journal "Chinese Sexual Science"

    • Last Update: 2021-01-01
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    In November 2019, the 28th volume, Issue 11 of the Journal of Sexual Science in China, published an academic paper entitled Treating a large case of warts with a patented prescription of Chinese medicine.
    paper is based on a case of treatment of large warts diagnosed and treated by Nanjing Yujia Virus Warts Medical Research Institute in June 2017.
    the use of patented Chinese medicine preparations, patients are given 1 week for 1 course of treatment observation and record transfer.
    study, male, 52, occurred in life for 0.5 years.
    examination found that its door cover front and back diameter 165mm, left and right diameter 113mm cauliflower-like skin damage, pathologically diagnosed as warts.
    3 weeks of treatment after skin damage only the remaining front and back diameter of 30mm, left and right diameter of 16mm.
    the 8th week, the skin loss completely fell off, the skin returned to normal.
    In fact, the use of traditional Chinese medicine to carry out treatment of skin diseases and simple Western medicine treatment has a different effect, Chinese medicine can effectively suppress recurrent skin diseases, reduce the side effects of chemical drugs, and a wide range of dosage forms for skin diseases have a good adaptability.
    clinical results of the study subjects showed that the patients in the Chinese medicine group had good tolerance, little pain, rapid recovery and basically no invasing surface.
    , warts are a relatively common sexually transmitted disease, and their greatest characteristic is the high recurrence rate.
    statistics, if the natural state does not intervene, just remove the warts and then observe, at least 40% to 60% of patients will relapse.
    Therefore, the paper published in China Sexual Science by Nanjing Yujia Virus Wart Medical Research Institute has a high reference value and significance, which not only opens up a new direction to solve the problem of the recurrence of warts, but also makes a contribution to the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine culture.
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