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    Nat Commun: New Discovery! Scientists reveal a close link between liver disease and heart disease!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    June 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In a recent study published in the international journal Nature Communications, scientists from Iowa State University and other institutions studied the heart health of fruit flies and found that abnormal liver function may lead to a worsening of heart healthThe study could fill a gap in scientists' understanding of the link between heart health and other tissues in the body, as well as help develop new treatments for a variety of human diseasesPhoto: CC0 Public Domain previous researchers have revealed changes in the heart health of fruit flies as they age, focusing on the important role of organelles called peroxitose, which play a key role in the aging of organisms, and the researchers want to use research to clarify whether the body ages Other tissues in the process affect the functioning of the heart; there is evidence that liver function is actually a risk factor for heart disease, and that patients with abnormal liver function often have heart disease, which may be a concern, as clinicians may sometimes treat two diseases, liver disease and heart diseaseResearcher Hua Bai said that in the experiment we did not find a direct link between liver disease and heart disease, which makes the researchers not sure whether there is a common causal relationship or simply a simple correlation between the two conditions, so we want to fill the gap by studying fruit flies to analyze the association between liver disease and heart muscle functionPrevious studies have shown that by manipulating key genes in the heart muscle of fruit flies or restoring the heart function of elderly fruit flies to a heart-like state similar to that of young fruit flies, the clock of heart tissue can essentially be reversed, and in this study, researchers modified multiple genes that guide the liver function of fruit flies to see if they affect the heart health of fruit flies as they ageResearcher Kerui Huang said the results of this study suggest that we can protect the liver function and maintain the health of older animals in the precursor, which does not directly interfere with heart tissue; much of the genetic work currently being done by researchers focuses on the study of peroxidase, an alternate organinin in cells that regulates key lipid metabolism processes and interprets vital lying at brain and liver functionsResearchers don't know how peroxidase function changes in older animals, and they have found that the input function of peroxide media proteins in elderly fruit flies is significantly impaired, and such studies could help scientists further analyze the molecular mechanisms of peroxidase to regulate tissue agingAlthough fruit flies are very different from humans, human medicine can still derive much information from studies of the biological properties of fruit flies, such as the liver and heart of fruit flies that have many similar functions as humanlivers and hearts; ( Original origins: Huang, K., Miao, T., Chang, Ket alImpaired peroxisomal import in Drosophila oenocytes director cardiac by squead yn eud3 as a peroxikineNat Commun 11, 2943 (2020)doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-16781-w
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