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    Nat Commun: Scientists hope to develop new targeted treatmentford for lung cancer

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
    • Source: Internet
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    , June 9, 2020 //BioValleyBIOON/ -- In a recent study published in the international journal
    nature communications, scientists from the University of Malaga and other institutions have taken a major step forward in developing new treatments for lung cancerIn the paper, researchers reveal the evolutionary mechanism by which cancer cells develop resistance to differenttumorinhibitorsPicture Source: CC0 Public Domain
    Researcher Diego Lozano said that while the use of specific inhibitors targeting action tumors can produce better clinical outcomes at an early stage, specific cancer cell populations may not be completely eliminated, will be resistant to thetherapy and causerecurrence oftumorsUsing in vitro models from non-small cell lung cancer isogenic ALK-positive cells, the researchers analyzed the evolutionary mechanisms and processes of cancer cells' resistance to different clinical ALK inhibitorsgain of tumor inhibitor resistance comes not only from previous cell subgroups, which promote the survival oftumorin drug therapy, or dependon on the emergence of point mutations in the occurrence of mediad resistance, but also from the progressive and predictable adaptation process estoclastility of selective pressure strain on different ALK inhibitors at genetic and epigeneticgenetic levels Researcher Lozano explained that the indirect sensitivity of the intermediate cell population to other inhibitors during the evolution of drug tolerance may provide a temporary opportunity to help apply effective anti-cancer therapies the final researchers said that the study could be transformed into other similar scenarios, namely, the status of acquired resistance to therapy, and later researchers will continue to study the evolutionary trajectory and mechanisms of understanding tumor resistance, and develop targeted treatments that are consistent with the evolutionary laws of cancer cells ( original origins: Vander Velde, R., Yoon, N., Marusyk, V et al.
    Resistance to the targeted as a multifactorial, gradual change to specific selective pressures
    Nat Commun
    11, 2393 (2020) doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-16212-w
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