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    National Energy Administration: The number of hydrogen refueling stations in my country ranks first in the world

    • Last Update: 2022-05-25
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      China has made new breakthroughs in hydrogen energy refueling.
    More than 250 hydrogen refueling stations have been built, accounting for about 40% of the global number.
    The number of hydrogen refueling stations ranks first in the world


      This is the information disclosed by Liu Yafang, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of the National Energy Administration, at the "China International Economic Exchange Center-United Nations Development Program Hydrogen Energy Industry Summit Forum" recently

      She said that in response to climate change, China, like other major economies in the world, attaches great importance to hydrogen energy technology and industrial development
    Up to now, more than 200 hydrogen energy plans and guidelines have been issued in more than 20 provinces across the country

    With the encouragement of the state and local governments, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign enterprises have shown great enthusiasm for the development of the hydrogen energy industry


      In terms of hydrogen energy production, renewable energy hydrogen production projects have been actively promoted in North China and Northwest China, and the cost of hydrogen production by electrolysis of water has been stable and decreased; in terms of hydrogen energy storage and transportation, 20 MPa gaseous high-pressure hydrogen storage and high-pressure tube bundle trailers Mainly focus on transportation, and actively expand liquid hydrogen transportation and natural gas pipeline network hydrogen-mixed transportation

      In terms of diversified applications, in addition to traditional chemical, steel and other industrial fields, hydrogen energy is steadily advancing pilot applications in other fields such as transportation, energy, and construction
    In the field of transportation, China is currently dominated by passenger cars and heavy trucks.
    The number of vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells in operation exceeds 6,000, accounting for about 12% of the global total


      Liu Yafang said that the National Energy Administration attaches great importance to and actively promotes the development of hydrogen energy technology and industry.
    In recent years, by strengthening top-level design and macro guidance, it has promoted key technical equipment research, explored multi-scenario efficient use, established a sound standardization system, and actively promoted the hydrogen energy industry.


      Zhang Xiaoqiang, executive vice chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center, believes that in recent years, the state, local governments and enterprises have continuously increased their R&D investment in the field of hydrogen energy, and they should fully learn from the experience in the development of new energy formats such as wind power and photovoltaics, so as to give full play to the innovation of enterprises.
    As the main body, it is also necessary to strengthen the integration of high-quality innovation resources, encourage collaborative innovation, and accelerate the breakthrough of key materials and core technology equipment bottlenecks in the entire hydrogen energy industry chain

    (Reporter Dai Xiaohe)

    From: Xinhua News Agency


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