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    National Energy Group’s Ningxia Coal-to-Liquid Product Quality Improvement Project was a complete success

    • Last Update: 2022-05-29
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      Recently, the National Energy Group Ningxia Coal-to-Liquid Company successfully produced C12 and C14-rich n-alkane qualified products, which are two important high-end products following the successful production of light white oil in mid-September.
    So far, all products of the coal-to-liquid company's product quality improvement project have been qualified.

      C12 n-alkanes are the main raw materials for the production of dibasic acids by biological fermentation.
    Long-chain dibasic acid is a kind of fine chemical raw material with a wide range of uses.
    The long-chain dibasic acid is used as the basic raw material to produce synthetic high-grade fragrance musk, high-grade nylon rubber, high-grade lubricants and other fine chemical products.
    It is widely used in chemical, light Industry, pesticides, medicine, liquid crystal materials and other fields.
    C14-rich normal alkanes are mainly used in the production of liquid mosquito coils, hydraulic oil for large presses, chlorinated paraffins and other products.
    It can also be used as high-grade hot melt adhesives, and its derivative products are straight-chain polyanhydrides of tetradecanoic acid.
    It can be used to produce epoxy and propylene resin curing agents, polyester modified additives, etc.
    It is the main raw material of nylon 1214, and can also be used as military equipment, mechanical parts, automotive pipes, etc.

      Since its completion and commissioning, the coal-to-liquid project, in order to ensure that its profitability is not affected by unfavorable factors such as frequent fluctuations in the oil product market, in March 2019, after feasibility studies, benchmarking investigations, and repeated demonstrations, it was finally determined to be 4 million tons Implementation of product quality improvement projects on the basis of the coal-to-liquid project /year.
    The project has 3 product units, namely light white oil, C12, and C14-rich normal alkanes.
    The output of all three products this time is of great significance for companies to further seize the high-end market of downstream chemicals, enhance the ability of coal-to-liquid projects to withstand international oil price turbulence, and improve the level of operating efficiency.

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