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    National famous Chinese medicine doctor Mao Jingyuan talks about "Lidong solar terms and health preservation"

    • Last Update: 2022-11-15
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    At 18:45 Beijing time on November 7, the Lidong solar term will be ushered in, which is the first solar term of winter and represents the beginning
    of winter.
    At this time, the handle of the Big Dipper points northwest and usually intersects
    between the 7th and 8th days of November in the Gregorian calendar.
    Lidong is also one of the
    ancient folk "four times and eight festivals".
    Lidong has been widely valued since ancient times and is an important day
    of sacrifice and feasting.
    In the pre-Qin period, the Son of Heaven went out to the outskirts to welcome winter on the day of the beginning of winter, giving winter clothes to the courtiers, and showing compassion for the widows and orphans
    In the folk, winter is the day of making up, dumplings are eaten in the north, meat is stewed with medicinal herbs such as Siwu and Bazhen in Fujian, and sugarcane and fried fragrant rice are eaten in Chaoshan areas

    In order to carry forward the culture of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation and disease prevention, and let the public understand and master the knowledge of solar terms and health preservation, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine invited Mao Jingyuan, a famous national Chinese medicine doctor, to talk about "Lidong solar terms and health preservation"

    At the beginning of winter, the plants and trees wither, all things are hidden in the earth, nature and man are one, according to the conditions of the time, health should conform to nature
    According to the characteristics of the solar term at the beginning of winter, Mao Jingyuan pointed out that patients with cardiovascular diseases should "go to the cold and warm, calm the mind and mind, warm the kidneys and nourish the heart"

    Go cold and warm

    The beginning of winter marks the beginning of winter, the days are significantly shorter, the temperature begins to drop significantly, and snowfall begins to occur in parts of the north
    Mao Jingyuan suggested that patients with cardiovascular disease should first stay away from the cold environment, keep their bodies warm, and go out as much as possible after sunrise and before sunset, when the temperature is relatively high
    Secondly, pay attention to dressing appropriately
    After the aging of the human body, there is insufficient yang, easy to be afraid of cold, often wear a lot, but easy to sweat after activity, so clothing should be appropriate, according to daily needs to flexibly add and subtract, in order to avoid excessive venting of the cheeks, causing the invasion of cold evil, further damaging yang qi, and depleting yin essence
    Moreover, the indoor temperature should be kept at about 20 degrees Celsius, not too hot and too cool
    Go out to pay attention to the weather forecast, in windy and snowy days, it is advisable to reduce going out and pay attention to blood pressure changes

    Calm your mind

    Mao Jingyuan pointed out that the mood and sleep of patients with cardiovascular diseases are closely related to
    the condition.
    After the beginning of winter, due to the frequent obvious changes in indoor and outdoor temperature and environment, it is easy to cause vasospasm, autonomic dysfunction, and some elderly people begin to have mood swings, feel lonely, easy to anger, fear, worry, accompanied by sleep disorders
    Some people often wake up at 2-3 o'clock in the middle of the night and have difficulty falling asleep
    when they wake up.
    In this way, there is no energy during the day, sometimes dizziness, palpitations, chest tightness, abdominal distension, decreased appetite, emotional control and other symptoms, and even induce the onset
    of cardiovascular disease.
    Therefore, after the beginning of winter, you should calm your mind, remind yourself that this may be related to the weather when your mood fluctuates, you should take the initiative to stabilize your emotions, meet your psychological needs for interacting with people, and at the same time try to read books and newspapers, practice calligraphy, raise flowers, birds, fish and insects and other hobbies, so that you can be calm and calm, and not overly angry, worried, fearful, sad, and sad
    When there is a sleep disorder, take the initiative to seek help from a doctor and improve sleep as
    soon as possible.

    Warm the kidneys and nourish the heart

    Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the foundation of the human body, corresponding
    to the winter weather.
    Mao Jingyuan said that after the beginning of winter, the yang energy in the kidneys should be warmed to protect the yang of the body; Benefit the yin essence in the kidneys to dissolve the blood and nourish the heart
    For people whose hands and feet are easy to get cold, you can soak your feet in warm water at 40-50 ° C until your feet are slightly red, then rub the soles of the opposite feet with one hand until they are warm, and then exchange the other foot, the strength is suitable for comfort, not excessive force
    You can also rub your hands warmly and press tightly on your waist and eyes, and then rub down firmly to the caudal sacral area, and so on 50-100 times

    Mao Jingyuan suggested that after the beginning of winter, the diet can appropriately increase mutton, chicken, black sesame, fungus, kelp, seaweed and other foods, or according to the person's physical condition supplemented by medicinal diet to improve the body's condition
    For example, angelica ginger and mutton soup is to use mutton plus angelica, ginger, etc.
    to help yuan yang, benefit the essence and blood, so as to achieve the effect of warming the kidneys and nourishing the heart, especially suitable for people with blood deficiency and internal cold and cold hands and feet, cold fatigue or plain thin body
    In addition, Chinese medicine believes that "salty into the kidneys", and the "Inner Classic" also points out that "if you eat more salty, the pulse will condense and change
    " "After winter, pickled vegetables and wax flavor on the market begin to increase, and it is easy for people to unconsciously eat too salty, which may increase blood pressure, thereby damaging blood vessels and increasing the burden on the heart and kidneys, so such foods should be eaten
    " (End)

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