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    National Health Insurance Bureau released the national medical supplies "code" came!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 8th, medical supplies information code announced600,
    models announcedJune 4, the State Health Insurance Administration issued "on the public medical insurance medical supplies classification and code database of the second batch of medical supplies information notice", the content of the "National Medical Security Administration on the issuance of medical security standardization guidance notice" related requirements, the second batch of medical supplies information will be made publicthe National Health Insurance Administration pointed out that the trend is to accelerate the promotion of unified medical insurance information business coding standards, the formation of a national "common language."After the publicity without objection, the second batch of medical supplies information will be included in the national medical supplies classification and code database for use by various medical security departmentsThe State Administration of Medical Security in the "State Medical Security Administration on the issuance of medical security standardization guidance notice" pointed out: by 2020, on the basis of the construction of a unified national medical insurance information system, gradually realize the diagnosis of disease and surgical operations, such as 15 information business coding standards on the ground useSupplies coding long look likeaffect the national consumables coding, in the end what looks like, today's published database can be queried, click on the details, but also can see more specific informationthe number of supplies published in the second batch was 603,158 modelsInterpreting the meaning of supplies coding
    what does this series of numbers represent?The National Health Insurance Administration in the "medical insurance disease diagnosis and operation, drugs, medical services, medical supplies four information business coding rules and methods", medical supplies coding for medical care supplies made a demonstration:(picture source: National Health Insurance Administration)interpretation: medical medical supplies coding is divided into five parts of a total of 20, expressed in a specific order of capital Letters and Arabic numeralsPart 1 of which is the supplies identification code, the second part is the classification code, the third part is the generic code, the fourth part is the product signature, the fifth part is the production company code   Part 1: Supplies identification code, with 1-bit capital Letter "C" to indicate   Part 2: Classification code, according to medical supplies discipline, use, location, function division, with 6 Arabic numerals   Part 3: Universal code, the creation of a unified national medical medical supplies generic code, with 3 Arabic numerals   Part 4: Product signatures, based on the supplies material, specifications and other characteristics of the code, with 5-digit Arabic numerals   Part 5: Production enterprise code, according to the medical device registration certificate or filing certificate for the supplies production the sole code given by the of the enterprise, expressed in 5-digit Arabic numerals   National implementation, impact payment can see that the medical community has been concerned about the medical supplies coding work has officially started After the perfect information data, medical supplies bidding , procurement and payment of three links will be completely new   By 2020, on the basis of the construction of the national unified medical security information system, we will gradually realize the application of 15 information business coding standards, such as disease diagnosis and surgical operation During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the list of national medical security standards was formed, and some medical security standards were studied and studied and improved   Different from the drug is that the quantity of consumables is not only a variety and a wide variety, the same product in different regions when bidding and procurement of different names, around the various policies on consumables, to supplies tender procurement and payment and other links bring a lot of inconvenience   In this case, there is no shortage of enterprises to use this to avoid price regulation, some areas even formed a mixed pattern In recent years, the industry emerged supplies procurement alliance to implement supplies procurement prices, data sharing and other practices, including circumvention of the enterprise this approach   The appearance of medical supplies coding standards will certainly make changes and corrections to certain links in the supplies industry chain, in order to match the same in the early focus of the medical insurance disease diagnosis and surgical operation information business coding standards   In fact, because there is no uniform standard, enterprises themselves often do not know the name and information of the product in multi-site tender procurement For example, the product name is a in Beijing, but into Nanjing but into b   This "consensus" will directly affect the supply of supplies bidding, procurement and payment The original supplies are complex, with coding standards will change the chaotic situation, eliminate the previous bidding procurement link due to poor product information caused by the problem, and then affect the payment link   Supplies will soon establish consistency evaluation supplies quality evaluation standards have been the topic of discussion in the industry The State Administration of Health Care's Response to Recommendation No 6395 of the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress, issued by the State Health Insurance Administration last year, said that the successful experience of reducing drug prices should be extended to the field of consumables   In the same "response" document, the National Health Insurance Administration also said that the next step of the National Health Health Committee will cooperate with the relevant management departments to establish a consumables consistency evaluation body (content source: National Health Insurance Bureau) consistency evaluation is equivalent to the supply of supplies set up a "quality standard line", the standard line above the product negotiation procurement, even if the only low price is to take, quality can have the most basic guarantee   In addition, compared to the consistency evaluation process of drug , perhaps supplies will also face a wave of shuffling Many small businesses in the supply space have only one or two products and their income is not high   Therefore, through the cost of consumables consistency evaluation, to be achieved quality standards, as well as the subsequent face of the price reduction, will be round by round to screen out a large number of enterprises, and then shuffle, to guide the industry towards innovative equipment, innovative supplies in the direction of development
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