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    National Health Insurance Bureau: There are these breaches of trust will probably lose the qualification!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 8th , the pharmaceutical price proposed to build a credit evaluation system , the credit-loss pharmaceutical companies will face serious disposalIn recent years, a number ofdrugmonopoly, commercial bribery incidents have been exposed, although repeatedly punished but repeatedly bannedIn this regard, the State Medical Insurance Administration on June 5 issued "on the establishment ofmedicineprices and recruitment of credit evaluation system guidance (draft for comments) and "on the request for <> comments" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance" and "operational norms" respectively)According to the above-mentioned documents, in the future will establish a list of pharmaceutical prices and recruitment of breach of trust matters, the development of credit ratings of pharmaceutical enterprises, the classification of the disposal of breach of trust, in the suspension of the distribution of the winning drugs or medical supplies of the enterprise, but also to the public disclosure of information and other disposal measuresSpecific content includes, but not limited to, pharmaceutical commercial bribery, abuse of market dominance, market price manipulation, breach of contract, disturbing the order of procurement and other illegal acts, contrary to good faith and fair competitionThe effectiveness of the implementation of these two documents remains to be seenZhang Tingjie, director of product strategy for Minsheng Pharmaceuticals and a contributor to Fengyun PharmaceuticalS, told the health community that the two documents are still strongly bound by commercial bribery and default by pharmaceutical companiesThe anti-commercial bribery, Beijing University, the Center for International Medicine Management Research Assistant, researcher Wang Hua once wrote that in the level of commercial bribery, the current main treatment of bribery of hospital doctor
    s, less blame for bribery partie
    ; The draft of this operational specification may change this situationAccording to the Guidance, the State Health Insurance Administration will make reasonable use of relevant departments to combat and control commercial bribery in the field of medicine, manipulate market law enforcement results, through corporate commitments and contract management, and take appropriate disciplinary measures for breach of trustAccording to the Guidance, centralized purchasing institutions, in accordance with the credit rating of pharmaceutical enterprises, respectively, take written reminders and warnings, prompt the purchaser with risk information, suspend the bidding network of the enterprise-related drugs or medical supplies, and suspend the enterprise's qualification for distributing the winning drugs or medical suppliesFor a long time, the pharmaceutical industry has been a major area of corruption, bribery and bribery has been repeatedly prohibitedFor example, some time ago, Chinese mainland pharmaceutical company "one brother" Hengrui Pharmaceuticals will burst out of the bribery stormThe bribe was paid to Lei Lipei, director of the department ofanesthesiology at ahospital in Zhejiang Province, who was sentenced to seven years in prison for bribery, fined 800,000 yuan and recovered 3.31 million yuan in illegal gainsIn recent years, the impact of the more influential also listed company Tiansheng Pharmaceutical bribery case, the company and the actual control of the person convicted of bribery, and further forward there is the far-reaching GSK bribery case and so onThe above-mentioned incident is only the tip of the iceberg of commercial bribery of pharmaceutical companies, it can be said that once commercial bribery, then the first consequence is that the price of drugs is cheap, after a number of circulation links, and to the hands of patients, the price will become very highThus, it is particularly critical to raise the cost of illegality and to punish the parties, and to establish a level playing field, and the primary regulator is to bribe pharmaceutical companiesIn fact, in addition to the "guidance" issued by the National Health Insurance Administration, in recent years, the new policy on the punishment of commercial bribery in medicine is also on the roadAt the end of 2017, after the new version of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law was approved by the National People's Congress, the Shanghai Bureau of Industry and Commerce announced at the end of the year the penalties for three cases of commercial bribery in the pharmaceutical field, including shi Guibao, a representative of a foreign pharmaceutical company, Tailing Pharmaceuticals of China CSO, and a foreign pharmaceutical company in China CSO - Casey Pharmaceutical Consulting (Shanghai) Co., LtdAnd the relevant departments have been cracking down on the sale of gold, the medical industry corruptionIn 2018, the National Health and Health Administration, the State Health Insurance Administration and other nine ministries jointly issued the "2018 to correct the field of pharmaceutical purchase and sale and medical services in the field of the special governance of the main points of the work of the special governance work", and then the provinces and cities have issued anti-corruption documents for the purchase and sale of medicines, anti-corruption efforts gradually increasedPharmaceutical companies to bear joint and several liability
    it is worth mentioning that, even if they did not engage in commercial bribery, once the agent of their own enterprise products of the company to carry out bribery, then the production enterprises can not get rid of the relationship   According to the "Guidance" provisions, pharmaceutical enterprises undertake to entrust service enterprises, agents for their own drug implementation of commercial bribery, market manipulation and other illegal violations, and jointly bear price and credit disciplinary responsibility   Chu Shitao, general manager of OTC and general manager of Baiyun Pharmaceutical Marketing of Xiangju Pharmaceutical Group, has previously said that under the trend of medical reform, which is the leading goal of reducing drug prices and medical insurance payment prices, the fight against commercial bribery and market manipulation is undoubtedly an important way and means to reduce drug prices The establishment of these provisions, means that pharmaceutical companies in the recruitment and marketing process, need to be more rigorous examination and regulate their own behavior, otherwise they are included in the breach of trust, may lose the recruitment qualification   Zhang Tingjie told the health sector, pharmaceutical companies should focus on the sales model to avoid the entrusted service enterprises, agent enterprises to their own risks, that is, from the "bottom price agent and commercial ticket" two-in-one mechanism, gradually transformed into a "high open high return plus camp reform plus two-vote system" of the three-in-one mechanism   Chu Shitao said that pharmaceutical companies to do the following points to avoid risks: 1 Cooperation before strict lying to the commissionofed service enterprises, agent enterprises qualification, to see whether they have a history of violations, put a good entry pass;   Will drug prices fall?   Zhao Heng, founder of Latitude Health, a pharmaceutical consultancy, said that while the document sits on the decline in drug prices, it will certainly lead to market price reform in the future, and some related circulation companies will be more regulated, which is good for the industry as a whole   In fact, the reason why some drugs in China are high is that there will be a lot of gold sales in the sales segment, seriously interfering with the normal system of drug prices   "Sales-oriented, you can't avoid the gold sales model Now the form of national belt procurement directly cut off the interest chain, reconstructthethed the sales market pattern of generic products, the volume of procurement, the price of the winning product is bound to drop significantly, the price drop means that the cost of strict control, in fact, from the source squeeze belt gold sales "Smith, a veteran researcher in the pharmaceutical industry, told the health community   Zhang Tingjie told the health sector, "gold sales" is a variety of causes, involving the number of approvals, price setting, doctor sremuneration system, bidding procurement, market competition and so on And now by the state-organized band procurement model so that the vast majority of products of enterprises to cut off the "gold sales" of the idea, after all, there is no room to operate, after winning the bid can earn a little or not lose is the norm   "The current bidding procurement credit evaluation system for most enterprises, in addition to the price linkage when the price declaration price is controversial, in general, pharmaceutical companies will not touch any red line, so this for most enterprises have a warning significance The establishment of the system will accelerate the demise of "gold sales", but not the decisive factor, because this is only one of many factors Zhang Tingjie stressed that the purpose of the introduction of this "guidance" is more to establish a fair and just pharmaceutical industry operating environment, as far as possible to let everyone compete in the same starting line
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