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    National initiative: autonomous breathing needle sting complex anesthesia and thoracic tracheotomy malignancy removal

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    On June 3, xi'an Jiaotong University First Affiliated Hospital successfully carried out the country's first autonomous respiratory needle compound anesthesia chest cavity tracheotomy excision, so that a patient with trachea malignant tumor who caused breathing difficulties for several months successfully escaped danger, the patient has recovered and been discharged from the hospitalJune 1, chest tightness, short ness with dry cough for more than 2 months female patient Chen a family help came to an attached hospital chest surgery, in the chest CT prompt "trachea wall thickening, tube cavity narrow", fiber optic mirror examination see from the protrusion 2.5 cm can be seen at a distance of 15mm x 16mm new organism, texture, easy to touch bleeding, pathological biopsy confirmed as "the lower trachea section of the cyatic cancer", the patient The hospital quickly set up a multidisciplinary collaboration team (MDT) based in the Department of Thoracic surgery and anesthesia surgery, which concluded that only a complete removal of a trachea tumor could save MsChen's lifeThoracic surgery fu military director, Zhang Guangjian deputy director and director of anesthesia surgery Wang Qiang, Professor Wen Jian on the operation and anesthesia methods of repeated research and demonstration, finally decided to use thoracic mirror to perform trachea sleeve removal, end-of-end matching, while anesthesiology is the use of needle-sharp compound anesthesia, the whole process of retaining the patient's independent breathing, not to carry out the conventional tracheal tube tube to complete the operation, the essence of this way is the Chinese traditional medical treasure needle anesthesia and modern minimal lysinosBecause the entire operation patients retain self-breathing, can allow the surgeon in the match airway, there is no routine anaesthetic under the obstruction of the trachea catheter, the operation of the matching trachea can be completed under the chest cavity mirror, more relaxed, faster, greatly shorten the operation time, after the operation patients can immediately sober return to the ward, avoid inglion complications of infection after surgery, very in line with the current rapid recovery concept (ERAS)After the patient entered the room under the guidance of Director Wang Qiang, DrWen Jian, DrSong Dawei, in the operating room Sun Wei in charge of the nurse's cooperation, the use of heart wrap, foot yin liver and foot less Yang bile by the joint way of taking the valley, Tai Chong, qiu market, male sun, internal control five points, for the patient needle needle anesthesia, parallel central venous tube epidural puncture tube, and then placed in the larynx cover, the whole operation to retain the patient's self-breathing, the patient is in a shallow sleep stateImmediately fu military director, Zhang Guangjian deputy director in the chest wall hit three small holes, the use of chest mirror smooth free trachea, during the operation of Professor Wenjian using fiber bronchoscopy to locate the tumor position, successfully completed the complete removal of trachea malignant tumor, cut the pathological return negativeAbout 5 minutes after the operation ended, the patient was awake and able to cooperate with the doctor's instructions and was sent back to the ward, where he is now recovering wellAcupuncture is the treasure of traditional medicine of the motherland, acupuncture anesthesia is the inheritance of the essence of acupuncture in the motherland, as a model of the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the five major achievements of China's original medical researchIn 1958, Chinese medical workers pioneered the technique of needle anesthesia, and the use of traditional needle-piercing analgesic methods to completely or partially replace drug anesthesia for surgical surgery is one of the important achievements in modern chinese medicineNeedle compound anesthesia side effects are few, patients do not use intubation, surgery has always been in a shallow sleep, independent breathing painless state, body stress response is small, the body resistance is strong, the patient's respiratory tract without any damageAfter theoretical research and clinical practice, Wang Qiang and Zhang Guangjian team for the first time put forward the new concept of "perioperative needle", from a new perspective to clarify the application value of needles in the perinatal period, the relevant research results won a number of scientific and technological awardsAt present, needle-piercing compound anesthesia is more and more widely used in a hospital thoracic surgery, under the leadership of Director Wang Qiang surgery from simple lung hertomytomy to lung cancer root surgery, currently completed chest surgery is very difficult chest surgery under the trachea reconstruction surgeryThe successful completion of the operation shows that the hospital chest and anesthesia team in the field of needle-based anesthesia thoracic surgery in the domestic leading level, compared with traditional thoracic surgery anesthesia, needle compound retention of independent breathing can avoid the patient's throat discomfort caused by intubation, reduce the use of narcotic drugs, but also for the surgeon to provide good surgical and surgical conditions, accelerate the rapid recovery of thoracic surgery patients, so that chest surgery day surgery become a reality
    Author: Name Source: First Affiliated Hospital, Xi'an Jiaotong University
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