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    National nine departments to check supplies rebates

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Medical network June 9th, the national strict inspection of supplies with gold salesState out, strict inspection of supplies rebaterecently, the National Health and Health Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, the State Medical Security Administration, the StateOf Chinese MedicineAdministration jointly issued the "2020 to correct the field of pharmaceutical purchase and sale and medical services in the field of improper work points" (hereinafter referred to as "work points")"Work Points" shows that serious investigation and punishment of the collection of pharmaceutical supplies enterprise rebate behaviorFocus on the inspection of medical institutions practitioners to accept drugs, medical equipment, medical hygiene materials and other pharmaceutical products production, business enterprises or distribution personnel in various names, forms of rebatesThe National Health and Health Commission, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the State Administration of Health Insurance shall take the lead according to their duties, and the State Administration of Market Supervision and public security shall cooperate with their duties and complete the task by the end of the yearAt the same time, crack down on pharmaceutical companies and contract marketing organizations (CSO) enterprises colluded to make fictitious fees to pay for illegal marketing costs of illegal violationsFocus on key areas such as pharmaceutical purchase and sale, medical services and "health care" markets, strengthen anti-unfair competition and advertising supervision and enforcement, and strengthen the investigation and punishment of commercial bribery, false propaganda, illegal advertising and other actsas well as the standardization of medical and commercial cooperation and communication channelsClarify the bottom line of behavior between industry associations, medical institutions and pharmaceutical-related enterprises, and formulate codes of conduct for medical personnel's external communicationWe will crack down on misconduct in the transmission of benefits under the guise of academic conferences, scientific research collaborations, academic support and donationsIn addition, on June 5, the State Health Insurance Administration announced the relevant documents, requiring that in the last three years, in a single case involved in the enterprise bribery (bribery) amount of more than 100,000 yuan of enterprises, suspended the products involved in the hanging network, bidding and distribution qualifications, the amount of more than 1 million yuan of enterprises, suspended all products of the enterprise hanging network, bidding and distribution qualificationsAlso on June 5, the State Drug Administration issued the Measures for the Administration of the Record of Pharmaceutical Representatives (Trial) (Draft for Comments), which requires drugshallnot carry out activities such as academic promotion without the consentof medical institutions;State-related departments issued three articles, strictly check the field of drug supplies rebates or has become the focus of this year's workBelt procurement, cut off the chain of rebates
    kickbacks in the pharmaceutical industry, one of the important reasons for the emergence of information is the buyer and seller information serious asymmetry, resulting in patients do not have supplies or drug options, medical treatment is more and more expensiveIndustry insiders have said that users and selectors in the pharmaceutical industry are separated - consumers pay, but they can't decide which supplies or drugs to useIn this case, doctors and patients want to maximize their own interests, but the doctor's interest maximization and rebate simply related, the higher the general price of the same product, the more rebates, resulting in more competition, the higher the price of consumablesThe key to solve this problem is to cut off the chain of interests between the physician and the productIf the physician does not assume the "sales" function, do not get "kickbacks" from product consumption and other gray income, then it can eliminate the doctor through theof drugssupplies benefit transmission to obtain the consumer's residual value, its motivation to pursue high-priced drug supplies will naturally disappearBand procurement can effectively solve this problem, doctors no longer have the choice of drugs and supplies, how much price to use how much, health insurance bureau and other relevant departments have clear provisionsAt the same time through the volume of price change, consumables false high prices, rebate space is also greatly compressedSuch as the recent Shandong seven-city volume procurement negotiations, a manufacturer's oxygen-absorbing device from the market price of 46 yuan to 12.9 yuan, a drop of 72%, blood needle prices fell by about 50%In addition, on the morning of May 28, Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the State Administration of Health Care, presided over a symposium on centralized procurement reform of high-value medical supplies to listen to the opinions and suggestions of some enterprises and associations An industry insider close to this symposium to The Seiber Blue equipment revealed that the meeting has a number of arms enterprises to participate, including multinational arms enterprises and well-known domestic arms enterprises, the volume of procurement related issues were discussed National Health Insurance Bureau led by the national high-value supplies tape procurement may come, related products in the country's gold sales space, will be greatly compressed Some products or exit the market in the multi-party measures to strictly check rebates, compression of supplies price moisture, a batch of supplies products or will withdraw from the market Recently, Beijing Dingchen Pharmaceutical Management Consulting Center founder Shi Lichen published an article that from the supply side, pharmaceutical products serious homogenization, homogenization of the result is only through a large number of marketing costs to support the continued rise in performance The same is true of the medical device industry, homogenization the number of enterprises, the number of medical device manufacturers in the country has exceeded 17,000 On May 9, 2019, the State Drug Administration released the 2018 Annual Report on Drug Regulatory Statistics, showing that as of the end of November 2018, there were 17,000 medical device manufacturers nationwide, of which 7,513 could produce one kind of products, 9189 enterprises could produce two types of products, and 1997 enterprises could produce three types of products As of the end of November 2018, there are 511,000 medical device business enterprises in two or three categories, of which 292,000 are only two types of medical device products, 67,000 are operating only three types of medical device products, and 152,000 are enterprises operating two or three types of medical device products From the single-species competition situation, Cypress blue equipment inquiry state drug regulatory agency official website found that only one-time infusion (with needle) this kind of consumables, the country has 531 medical device registration certificate; There are industry analysis, the state strictly check rebates, volume procurement, two-vote system, DRG and other policies continue to land, are obviously compressed with gold sales space, those do not rely on products, do not rely on scale costs, only by gold sales to achieve product volume of enterprises, exit is very likely In all policies, especially with volume procurement, not only let enterprises do not have the price space with gold sales, but also directly use market share to screen out a number of small, scattered, disorderly enterprises
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