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    Natural partial prescription therapy of red eye disease

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Although there are many prescription drugs to treat red eye disease (acute conjunctivitis), but there are also some equally effective, more natural side options

    For example, hot compress is the most common natural therapy for red eye disease

    Hot compress the affected eyes with tea bags and wash them with lemon, honey or salt, all of which are proven effective methods

    In addition, there are aloe ointment and other ointment, applied in the eyelash line can also alleviate red eye disease

    There is no doubt that hot compress is the best and most effective natural therapy for red eye disease

    Soak the clean towel in warm water for a few minutes, wring it out and apply it on the eyes

    If warm water does not work, consider chamomile, green tea or black tea

    Make a pot of tea, remove the tea bag, wait for the tea to cool, then soak it in a clean towel, and finally put the towel on your eyes

    In some cases, eye washing is also an effective way to treat red eye disease

    Add salt, honey and lemon to warm water and mix well

    After the mixture cools down, it can be applied to the sick eyes

    Although it's a little prickly at first, it's very effective to treat the disease

    It has been found to be an excellent natural cleaner with antifungal effect

    Many ointments, including aloe vera, are also effective in the treatment of red eye disease

    Apply a thin layer on the eyelash line to provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects

    As with prescription drugs, patients should consult their doctors before using this ointment

    In the case of serious red eye disease, the above prescriptions may not be enough to cure the disease, and prescription drugs are also needed.
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