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    Nature Neuroscience: Downlink regulation of mechanical sensory hypersensitive reactions by star-shaped glial cells in the shallow spinal cord of the brain

    • Last Update: 2021-01-16
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    Star-shaped glial cells are located in the mammalian brain and are the largest of the glial cells.
    in the central nervous system, astrological glial cells are increasingly considered to be key factors in regulating neuronal development and function.
    traditionally considered homogeneity, star-shaped glial cells have recently been thought to have inter-region or intra-region heterogeneity.
    In embryonic mice with spinal abdominal apatitis (SVH), asstary glial cells are divided into several groups between regions, and SVH star glial cell populations play a role in the development of motor neuronal circuits.
    , however, there are regional and functionally different astrological glial cell groups in the adult central nervous system, and importantly, their role in nerve-based behavior is completely unknown.
    in this study, this paper explores genes expressed in astrogenic glial cells, and compared to adult SVH, transcripts of astrocytes are rich in the back corners of the adult spinal cord (SDH).
    in the hypothesised astrocyte expression gene, we determined that transcription factors hair and split 5 enhancer (Hes5) are the most abundant genes in SDH.
    HES5 is a member of the Hes gene family and is an alkaline helix-ring-helix transcription factor.
    HES5 is highly expressed in embryonic neuro prescient cells and is essential for negative regulation of nerve and less protrusion glial cell differentiation.
    HES5 is highly expressed in embryonic neuro prescient cells and plays an important negative regulatory role in the differentiation of nerve and less protrusive glial cells.
    HES5 is also expressed in the brain after birth and in adults.
    by looking at Hes5 plus cells in the adult spinal cord, this study identified a cluster of astrical glial cells that were highly confined to the surface of the SDH.
    Since these surfaces receive and process the core regions of sombre inputs from outer weeks through primary incoming fibers, this study uses a variety of methods to study the role of Hes5 plus astrular glial cells in sombre information processing and behavior.
    these include in vivo Ca2 plus imaging, micro-invasive micro-injection of viral vectors that enable selective gene transduction of cell types, chemical genetics, conditional gene knock-out, and behavioral analysis.
    in summary, the findings in this paper show that SDH has a surface-selective Hes5 plus astrological glial cell population, which acts as a channel for sending dethyroid epinephrine (NA energy) signals from the brain-dry blue spot (LC) region to regulate mechanical sensory behavior and provides in vivo evidence for adult SDH star glial cells in controlling neurobehial behavior.
    Kohro, Y., Matsuda, T., Yoshihara, K. et al. Spinal astrocytes in superficial laminae gate brainstem descending control of mechanosensory hypersensitivity. Nat Neurosci 23, 1376–1387 (2020). MedSci Original Source: MedSci Original Copyright Notice: All text, images and audio and video materials on this website that indicate "Source: Mets Medicine" or "Source: MedSci Original" are owned by Mets Medicine and are not authorized to be reproduced by any media, website or individual, and are authorized to be reproduced with the words "Source: Mets Medicine".
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