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    "Nature" Potential femoral nasal spray can prevent and treat COVID-19

    • Last Update: 2022-04-24
    • Source: Internet
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    A newly discovered small molecule can be sprayed into people's noses to prevent disease before exposure to COVID-19, according to a study of mice (K18-human ACE2 transgenic mice) led by researchers at Cornell University.
    And provide early treatment soon after infection


    The study, published in the journal Nature, used laboratory mice implanted with human coronavirus receptors on their cell surfaces and found that a molecule called N-0385 inhibits the virus's entry into human cells
    At Cornell University, N-0385 was shown to protect mice from infection prior to exposure, while providing an effective treatment 12 hours after exposure

    The molecule was developed in collaboration with researchers at the Université de Sherbrooke Institute in Quebec, Canada


    The treatment promises to prevent disease and reduce the severity and mortality of post-COVID-19 infection with just a few daily doses

    "Few, if any, small-molecule antiviral drugs have been identified that can prevent infection," said Hector Aguilar-Carreno, associate professor of virology and the paper's senior author

    "This is the first time," Aguilar-Carreno said
    "One advantage is that it works early in infection, even after someone has already contracted the virus


    The broad-spectrum therapy was tested in mice with the first strain detected in Washington state in 2020, as well as the Delta strain, but it has not been tested on the Omicron variant, although researchers will remain effective.
    optimistic attitude


    The researchers introduced small molecules intranasally into mice before, during, and/or after infection

    They tracked the weight of the mice -- because weight loss is a signal of infection and a good indicator of disease -- and other clinical and pathological measures, such as temperature and mortality, as well as mouse tissue analysis to understand small How did the mice respond
    The therapy prevented mice from losing weight before they were exposed to the coronavirus, as well as dying after infection

    Even 12 hours after infection, the treatment showed very good efficacy, Carreno said


    California-based EBVIA Therapeutics is currently raising funds for human trials, drug development, formulation and large-scale manufacturing
    If funding is raised soon, and if human trials are successful, the therapy is expected to be submitted to the FDA for emergency use approval within at least six months


    "Compared to other novel coronavirus treatments such as monoclonal antibodies, N-0385 therapy is simpler and less expensive to mass-produce," Aguilar-Carreno said




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