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    Neurology: AD and Louis Small Body Dementia Cognitive Function will be affected by APOE???s cognitive function??? 4 Impact?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Objective The purpose of this study is to verify whether APOE s4 affects the association between Alzheimer's disease (AD) and Louis Small Body Dementia (DLB) in the event of abnormally high white matter signals (WMH) and cognitive impairmentMethods This study included 289 patients with parallel volume MRI, neuropsychological testing, and APOE s4 subtype analysisCalculate the total WMH volumeNeuropsychology test scale scores are used as an indicator for analyzing cognitive functions, including attention, advanced executive function, learning/memory, and language, calculating the ratings for each patient's functionAfter testing the interaction of WMH with APOE s4 in all samples, the correlation between APOE s4 (n s 167) positive and APOE s4 negative (n s 122) patients were evaluated with the indicator score using a linear regression modelWe have a stronger correlation between the WMH volume of APOE carriers and cognitive impairmentThe results were then verified repeatedly in 198 AD patients (ADNI-I) and metA analysis was carried out on the evaluation of two samplesResults With regard to language, the WMH volume interacts significantly with APOE s4, but not between memory or advanced functionsIn a separate analysis between APOE s4 carriers and fee carriers, the larger the volume of the WMH of the APOE s4 carriers, which is related to the poorer the attention/advanced functions, learning/memory, and languageIn ADNI-I, the higher the WMH load, the higher the attention/advanced function and language difference of the APOE carrierMeta analysis showed that the larger the volume of WMH only in APOE s4 carriers and all cognitive declineConclusion In Patients With AD and DLB, APOE s4 affects the correlation between WMH and cognitive function
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