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    Never eat non-dairy ice cream?

    • Last Update: 2021-10-21
    • Source: Internet
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    A few days ago, some netizens bombarded Menglong ice cream on social platforms and sparked widespread discussion
    In addition to questioning the brand's "double label", the reasons that aroused the discussion among netizens are also a large part of the discoloration of "plant", which mistakenly associates vegetable oil with unhealthy ingredients such as "hydrogenated vegetable oil" and "trans fat"


    According to the national recommended standard GB/T31114-2014 "Frozen Drink Ice Cream", ice cream can be divided into three types: full milk fat, half milk fat and non-dairy fat

    The three types of physical and chemical indicators are basically the same, and the nutritional composition is similar
    The division of the three is based on the proportion of fat that comes from milk fat: "whole milk fat" means that all fat needs to come from milk fat; in "half milk fat", only part of it needs to come from milk fat, such as "half milk fat ice cream" , The requirement is that the milk fat content exceeds 2.
    2%, and the other 3.
    8% (for clear-type galvanic fat) or 2.
    8% (combined galvanic fat) can be supplemented by vegetable fats; "non-dairy fat" means that the milk fat content is less than 2.
    2 %, fat is mainly composed of vegetable oils


    It should be noted that whether it is full milk fat, half milk fat or non-dairy fat, as long as it meets the relevant standards, it is legal and compliant

    Which kind of "fat" is good? From a health point of view, the impact of fats on health depends on the types of fatty acids.
    Those with a high content of "unsaturated fatty acids" (such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, etc.
    ) are higher than those with a higher content of "saturated fatty acids" ( For example, palm oil, hydrogenated oil, coconut oil, butter, etc.
    ) should be healthier

    In this sense, "milk fat" is not necessarily healthier than "non-dairy fat/vegetable oil"


    As for the fat in ice cream, cocoa butter and milk fat are considered by some people as representatives of "authentic" because of their better flavor and taste and higher prices.
    However, they have a higher content of "saturated fatty acids" and have no advantage in terms of health.

    For consumers, since they have chosen to eat ice cream, which is high-fat and high-sugar food, there is no need to worry about "which fat is healthier", just choose the ice cream that they feel is delicious and affordable


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