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    New device can quickly diagnose Alzheimer's disease through blood

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    Alzheimer's disease is usually found in the late stageEarly detection and intervention are of great significance to improve the therapeutic effect of Alzheimer's diseaseThe system, named apex, was invented by a team led by Shao Huilin, associate professor of the Institute of medical and health innovation and science and technology under the National University of SingaporeClinical trials have proved that patients can find the disease as early as they have no obvious clinical symptoms< br / > at present, the most accurate and reliable way to diagnose Alzheimer's disease is to let patients receive brain digital positron emission tomography (PET) scanning, which needs to rely on complex detection equipmentThe apex test cost only $30, only 1% of the scanning price, and the operation is simple, the results can be produced within an hourThis new detection system will provide a powerful and effective auxiliary role for the existing diagnosis and management system of Alzheimer's disease< br / > an important feature of Alzheimer's disease is the abnormal accumulation of beta amyloid protein in the brain of patients, which leads to the damage of brain cellsThe protein is released into the bloodstream and into the circulatory systemThe apex detection system uses millions of nanopores on the sensor to capture the protein that may be present in the blood, once captured, it will send out a red signalThe more this protein the sensor captures, the stronger the red signal, the more serious the condition< br / > the team recruited 84 volunteers for clinical trials, including patients with confirmed Alzheimer's disease, patients with mild cognitive impairment, patients with other types of neurodegenerative diseases and healthy peopleThe results of PET scan and apex system blood test show that apex can accurately identify Alzheimer's disease and cognitive impairment patients, and distinguish them from healthy people and other neurodegenerative disease patients, with the same accuracy as PET scan.
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