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    New Disease: Out-of-Control Game Behavior

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
    • Source: Internet
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    "Expert Consensus" based on ICD-11 clearly defined the definition of game barriers, that is, game disorder refers to a continuous or repeated use of electronic or video game behavior patterns, the performance of the game out of control, the game becomes a life-first behavior, regardless of obvious adverse consequences to continue the game behavior, and the above performance takes several monthscircle both inside and outside the circle to have a correct understanding" the formation of the "expert consensus" is in fact a breakthrough at the expert levelYuan Ming, a postdoctoral fellow at Xiangya Second Hospital at Central South University, one of the lead authors of the Expert Consensus, said that experts have long had different views on how to understand, define and respond to game barriersThis ICD-11 to the game barrier characterization is an opportunity for experts to have the opportunity to discuss in depth and reach consensusthe process ofgame barriers becoming a new disease has been tortuousInitially, when the World Health Organization proposed to list game barriers as a new disease, some thought "this is the idea that the game is e-heroin"The gaming industry immediately objected that games are healthy entertainment, that the game industry is a new economic growth point, and that linking games with mental illness is unfair to game users and the gaming industry", however, according to WHO diagnostic guidelines, very few people meet the criteria for game disordersThe use of game disorders as a new classification of diagnostics will promote the standardized assessment and diagnosis of game disorders, improve the quality of relevant research, and help more people to establish healthy game usage patternsProfessor Zhao Min, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Shanghai Mental Health Center, saidYuan Ming: "The game barrier refers to a clinically significant situation, and the general game behavior is difficult to meet the diagnostic criteria." The Expert Consensus can play a role in reducing misunderstandings so that everyone does not have to be at riskshould be comprehensive treatment to avoid generaldiagnosis diagnosisZhao Min said, "expert consensus" can guide mental health workers to correctly carry out clinical diagnosis, guide them to accurately distinguish between game disorders and normal game behavior, to avoid overdiagnosisExpert Consensus, repeated game behavior cannot be diagnosed if it is intended to promote socializing, ease boredom, regulate emotions, and other necessary features of the game disorderIn a specific age or social group, such as adolescent male, there may be longer or higher frequency of game behavior, diagnosis needs to consider cultural, subculture, peer groups and other factors In addition, for individuals involved in the gaming industry, high-intensity gaming behavior may be part of their professional content and should not be diagnosed as a game disorder Zhao Min, , said that the diagnosis of game disorders also need to pay attention to eliminate other diseases, do a good job of disease diagnosis Excessive game behavior may occur in the onset of anxiety, depression, bi-directional affective disorder, personality disorder and other mental disorders, only if the excessive game behavior meets the main points of the game disorder diagnosis, and there are no other mental disorders, only consider the diagnosis of game disorders; ", at present, China does not have an authoritative guideline for the treatment of game disorders, but the practice suggests that the combination of psychosocial intervention, drug treatment, co-disease therapy comprehensive treatment to improve the prognosis of patients with game disorders has an effect Zhao Min introduced, "clinical practice and research evidence suggest that cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviews, family therapy and other psychosocial interventions, to reduce the game disorder of people out of control of the game behavior and promote long-term rehabilitation effective." At present, there is no game disorder as a drug of adaptation, only its co-morbidity treatment It should be emphasized that game disorder is a chronic recurrent disease that requires an assessment of its symptoms and severity in the initial stage of game disorder intervention, during intervention and during the recovery of the disease "
    prevention and rehabilitation can not be ignored
    at present, there is a lack of large-sample epidemiological survey data for game disorders at home and abroad Comprehensive past research results, the prevalence of game disorders is about 5% on average, and relatively stable, male, children and adolescents are high-risk groups ", never play to play occasionally to high frequency play, and eventually get out of control, the game barrier is a continuous development process In this process, parents, schools and other parties should be found as soon as possible, timely response Yuan Ming said that for children and adolescents and other high-risk groups, in the individual level should take corresponding psychological interventions from the emotional control, cognitive control, interpersonal communication and other aspects, family, school and social environment should focus on mental health knowledge of popular publicity work, improve family relations and parent-child communication skills, care for children and adolescents psychological needs studies show that game disorders are associated with a variety of psychological, social, biological and other factors In terms of psychological factors, the game-impaired may have high impulse, high neuroticism, introverted personality characteristics Lack of social support and interpersonal communication, poor teacher-student relationship or student relationship, low level of parental education, family relationship disharmony, guardian can not accompany or poor supervision of young children may have a higher risk of disease Yuan Ming: "Expert Consensus" reminds parents that in fact, the game barrier is not the child's own problem, can not be blamed solely on the game, may also be related to a variety of factors." Parents need to pay attention to the impact of the family atmosphere and the way they groom their children's game If the child has game-related problems, to the formal institutions to seek help, otherwise it will not only delay the illness, but also may aggravate the deterioration of parent-child relationship the Expert Consensus, the goal of the treatment of game disorders, similar to other disease treatments, is to prevent recurrence through treatment and promote social function recovery Patients whose condition has become stable after treatment should continue to receive solid psychotherapy and, if necessary, take medication in a regular and appropriate way to prevent the recurrence of the disease Professional medical institutions should do a good job of regular follow-up of discharged patients, so that patients can receive timely and targeted medical guidance and services Mobilize family members to support and participate in patient rehabilitation activities, guide family members to develop life plans for patients, and strive to address the patient's mental health problems and practical difficulties in daily life.
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