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    New drugs for heart failure! Bayer/Mercadon's first sGC stimulator vericiguat is listed in the European Union and Japan!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Bayerrecently announced that it has filed a listing application for vericiguat in the European Union and Japan, an oral, daily, first-in-class soluble bird nucleotide cyclasmas (sGC) stimulant Jointly available heart failure drugs are being developed to treat patients with severe heart failure (defined as: heart failure in hospital or withintravenous diuretics for heart failure), with a blood score of less than 45%, and a symptomatic chronic heart failureVericiguat is being developed jointly by Bayer and MercadoThe application is based on positive results from Phase III VICTORIA studiesThe findings were presented at the American College of Cardiology's annual scientificconference in March/World Congress of Cardiology (ACC.20/WCC Virtual) and published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), the world's leading medical journalThe article is entitled:Vericiguat in Patients with Heart Failure and Reduced EjectionIt is worth mentioning that VICTORIA is the first contemporary outcome study specifically targeting patients with symptomatic chronic heart failure (blood shot score of 45%) after experiencing worsening eventsThe data showed that when used in combination with available heart failure drugs, a daily dose of 10 mg vericiguat significantly reduced the relative risk of post-event hospitalization and cardiovascular death compound endpoints by 10% (p-0.019) and an absolute risk of 4.2/100 years compared to placebosDrPaul WArmstrong, a cardiologist and distinguished professor at the University of Alberta's Wig Glee Center in Canada and a professor at the University of Alberta's University of Canada, said: "Despite significant progress in treatment, many patients with heart failure with reduced blood score experience more severe events, even when receiving guidance-based treatmentThis reality makes them more likely to experience frequent heart failure hospitalizations or require urgent treatmentVericiguat has a special mechanism of action, which is different from other current treatments for heart failureData from the recent VICTORIA study, published in ACC.20/WCC Virtual and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that the absolute risk of heart failure hospitalization and cardiovascular death was reduced by 4.2/100 years, which is a satisfactory outcome for these patients with heart failure If approved, vericiguat will provide clinicians with an important and welcome new option that will expand existing treatments "For many patients with heart failure, worsening events can lead to worsening, poor prognosis, and about 50 per cent of patients die within five years of diagnosis," said Dr Joerg Moeller, executive committee member and head of research and development at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, THE VICTORIA STUDY IS THE FIRST POSITIVE CONTEMPORARY OUTCOME TRIAL, SPECIFICALLY TARGETING GROUPS OF PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC HEART FAILURE WHO HAVE PREVIOUSLY EXPERIENCED WORSENING HEART FAILURE, REDUCED BLOOD SCORE, AND SYMPTOMATIC CHRONIC HEART FAILURE The findings of the study open up new possibilities for the treatment of chronic heart failure We look forward to working with regulators to bring this treatment to market as soon as possible "
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