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    New eco-friendly interior wall coating

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
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    (China Coatings Online News)
    , WACKER for the Asia-Pacific market, the introduction of a new can be used for the preparation of low-emission, high-quality interior wall coatings of vinyl acetate-ethylene emulsion (VAE emulsion) type products VINNAPAS®Wei nipple®EP 3360 ULS.
    This product is a new environmentally friendly substing for matte to half-light interior wall coatings and ash, the coating is extremely wear-resistant and has better cover than traditional propylene acid products with similar pigment volume concentrations. In addition, this VAE emulsion is extremely anti-fouling, making the surface of the coating easy to clean without affecting the overall color effect of the wall, even with the previous formulation of more difficult pigments, can maintain good color technology and color preservation.
    the emulsion processing performance is good, easy to use, the room can be installed soon after painting, reducing maintenance costs. The excellent wear resistance of the base material not only increases productivity, but also reduces production costs as its usage increases proportionally with the increase in pigment volume concentration. In addition, up to 60% solid content reduces supply batches and storage area, improving supply chain efficiency.
    the emulsion product was developed by WACKER specifically for market demand in the Asia Pacific region and can be used to make low odor coatings with very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC<1 g/L). The residual monoplate content of the product is very low (<200ppm) and no organic solvents or film-forming additives are required to achieve the desired film-forming effect. In addition, the emulsion is produced without APEO, formaldehyde content is very low (<20ppm), especially compared with traditional styrene-acrylic or ethylene acetate system, the product odor significantly reduced.
    VINNAPAS®VINNAPAS®EP 3360 ULS meets the requirements of important international eco-labels, especially in areas where low-emission coatings are required, such as children's rooms, hotels or public places such as hospitals and schools.
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