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    New edition of Pharmacopoeia of "medical quick reading society" deleted a number of varieties and newly diagnosed 130000 cases in a single day in the world

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    < br / > Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in 130 thousand cases worldwide all day long in June 9th, according to the.
    Johns Hopkins disease statisticsAmong them, 24 thousand and 800 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in the United StatesAs of around 13:00 on June 10, Beijing time, there were 7.2386 million confirmed cases and 411300 deaths in the worldIn the United States, 1.9799 million cases were confirmed and 11.2006 cases died(Associated Press of Finance) < br / > on September 9, the national health and Health Commission issued the notice on the work related to the collection of performance assessment data of public hospitals in 2019The notice specifies the content and time of performance appraisal data collection of level II and level III public hospitalsAt the same time, the 2020 version of the performance appraisal operation manual was released, which defined the target orientation of 28 appraisal indicators of the secondary public hospitals(National Health and Health Commission) < br / > on September 9, the national health and Health Commission issued the notice on the management of clinical application of antibacterial drugs in the new situation (Draft for comments) for public commentsThe draft will continue to promote the rational use of antibacterial drugs from the aspects of optimizing the supply catalogue of antibacterial drugs, strengthening the management of key links, etcIn the aspect of optimizing the catalogue of antibacterial drugs supply, medical institutions are required to optimize the catalogue of antibacterial drugs supply in combination with the "1 + X" medication mode dominated by basic drugs(National Health and Health Commission) < br / > Hebei Medical Insurance Bureau and provincial health and Health Commission jointly issued the notice on doing well in drug use guarantee work in outpatient service of hypertension and diabetes in 2020, which will take six measures to ensure that patients who meet the identified conditions are fully included in the scope of drug use guarantee in outpatient service by the end of 2020(Medical Insurance Bureau of Hebei Province) < br / > following the adjustment of all species of pangolin from national second level protected wild animals to national first level protected wild animals on June 5, in the latest 2020 edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, pangolin, Aristolochia, tianxianteng, Huanglian Yanggan pill and other varieties have not been continuously recorded(Southern Metropolis Daily) < br / >As a result, Pfizer launched a recallSeveral weeks ago, Pfizer recalled several batches of duavee in the United States and Canada(Sina Pharmaceutical News) < br / > < br / > < br / > on September 9, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice on Revising the instructions of Chuanbei loquat preparation, and uniformly revised the adverse reactions, taboos and notes in the instructions of Chuanbei loquat preparation (including syrup, plaster, granules, tablets and capsules) (Sina Medical News) < br / > MSD announced that its PD-1 antibody keytruda failed to beat chemotherapy to improve OS and PFS of patients with advanced bladder cancer in the context of standard chemotherapy The primary end points were OS and PFS Although combination therapy improved these two indicators, the difference was not statistically significant (American and Chinese medicine source) < br / > Sarepta therapeutics, which focuses on the development of rare disease therapy, announced that its research type 2E limb band muscular dystrophy gene therapy srp-9003 obtained positive results in a 1 / 2 phase clinical study Among the patients who received low-dose gene therapy, after one year of treatment, their motor function improved continuously The patients who received high-dose gene therapy showed the improvement of biomarkers and good safety (Wuxi apptec) < br / > the listing application (acceptance No.: cyhs1900200, cyhs1900201) of four generic drugs of Howson's "palipexone sustained release tablets" has been changed to "under approval", and it is expected to be approved for listing in the near future As the application is based on the new 4 categories of generic drugs, the approval will be deemed to pass the consistency evaluation (CPHI pharmaceutical online) < br / > Wanfu biology announced that its five products had recently officially obtained the registration certificate of thrombus project products issued by Guangdong food and drug administration, They are thrombomodulin test kit, tissue plasminogen activator - plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 complex test kit, plasminogen - α 2 plasminogen inhibitor complex test kit, fibrinogen degradation product test kit, thrombin antithrombin III complex test kit (Wanfu biological notice) < br / > on September 9, China biopharmaceutical released a notice that the group's drug for AIDS treatment, enterapine tenofovir tablets (trade name: keike), has obtained the drug registration approval issued by the State Food and drug administration, which is the first approved generic drug in China and deemed to have passed the consistency evaluation Etrastabine is used to treat HIV-1 infection in adults and children over 12 years old The original research company is Gilead (meter net)
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