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    New lysovirus therapy: intravenously break through the limits of the route of drugation!

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
    • Source: Internet
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    Imlygic is a genetically modified type 1 herpes simplex virus (HSV-1).
    that while genetic modification can reduce damage to non-cancerous tissue, the treatment does not completely prevent the virus from infecting healthy cells.
    addition, Imlygic needs to be injected directly into the tumor to achieve optimal results.
    the way the drug is given is a mountain pressed against the head of the lysovirus therapy.
    OncoMyx Therapeutics presented preclinical efficacy data for a multigene lysovirus therapy it developed at the 2020 Cancer Immunotherapy Association (SITC 2020) meeting: it was shown for the first time that the therapy significantly slowed the growth of multiple tumor types when administered intravenously or intracoma alone or in combination with immunosuppressants, and reduced tumor and prolonged animal life when used in combination with immunosuppressants.
    OncoMyx has developed a new type of lysomavirus therapy based on myxoma virus, a rabbitpox virus.
    mucus tumor virus, like other lysovirus, can directly infect and kill cancer cells, a process that also releases tumor antigens and induces the body's immune response to cancer cells.
    other than that, it has other advantages.
    natural host of mucus tumor virus is rabbit, which is non-pathogenic to other animals or humans.
    , the mucus tumor virus can be safely injected into the body without being attacked by the body's immune system.
    mucus tumor virus is a large DNA virus that can carry up to six genetically modified organisms for replication and can effectively express them without harming the replication and reproduction of the virus.
    OncoMyx Therapeutics, through gene editing, allows the mucus virus to carry up to three genes (also likened to "weapons"): one gene that regulates T-cell and NK cell activity and recruited cytokines, one gene that reshapes the tumor micro-environment, and the gene that eliminates immune suppression of T-cells by cancer cells, and one anti-inflammatory factor gene.
    unedited virus can slow the growth of some tumors, but when new genes are edited in, the anti-cancer effect is significantly better.
    tumor suppression and increased survival in mice were observed both in-tumor and intravenously.
    The efficacy of mucus tumor virus carrying multiple genes with/without immuno checkpoint inhibitors in the tumor and after intravenous injection (Source: When this multigene mucus tumor virus is used in a combined way with PD-1 or PD-L1 inhibitors, the proportion of CD8/Treg cells and M1/M2 macrophages is increased, enhancing anti-tumor immunity.
    -gene mucus tumor virus increases tumor-infested lymphocytes (Source: "These data support the further development of multigene mucus virus therapy in combination with checkpoint inhibitors and other IO methods, thereby increasing the number of patients benefiting from immunotherapy."
    , the study also proved the effectiveness of intravenous drugation of mucus tumor virus, marking another ideal property of mucus tumor virus to distinguish other lysate viruses.
    ," concluded Dr. Steve Potts, co-founder and CEO of OncoMyx.
    : 1 s OncoMyx Announcs Presentation of Preclinical Efficacy Data of Novel Oncolytic Immunotherapy at SITC 2020 (Source: OncoMyx Official Website) 2 s Rahman M, McFadden G. Oncolytic Virothe with Myomax Virus. Journal of Clinical Medicine (2020) 3 s Arming the rabbit pox virus to fight cancer (Source: Fierce Biotech)
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