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    New practice of waterproofing the terrace. Water-based asphalt waterproof coating composite self-adhesive coil construction process.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-09
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    A terrace is generally a roof platform in a home or a large balcony made on another floor due to structural requirements or improved interior and exterior space combinations. The difference between a terrace and a balcony is first of all a permanent roof, with a permanent cover of a balcony, not a terrace;
    the terrace in the outdoor long-term exposure to wind, sun, rain, structure subside, cracking, as well as design defects, material selection problems, construction irregularities and other issues, resulting in leakage

    . Usually the leakage occurred in the area around the root of the tube, water drop, yin corner and other detail nodes, a small part of the leakage occurred at a point in the large surface.
    for terrace leakage repair, the coil process (hot melt process or self-adhesive process) and coating process are usually used. If the terrace area is below 15 square meters, it is recommended to choose the coating process, the area is too small, the node part with coil treatment is very inconvenient, more tie-in will increase the risk of leakage; No matter what kind of process you choose, you need to clean up the grass-roots, to ensure that waterproof materials and grass-roots full of sticky, construction needs to be first yin angle, pipe root, water drop and other detail nodes of the enhanced treatment, and then carry out large-face construction;
    to a terrace leakage problem management case to introduce the terrace waterproof maintenance and construction of new practices - water-based asphalt waterproof coating composite self-adhesive coil construction process.
    Project Overview
    The terrace is inverted, i.e. the waterproof layer is in the lower part of the insulation layer, and the structure layer of the terrace is a brick layer, cement mortar binding layer, insulation layer, waterproof layer, structure layer, area of about 20m2.
    Indoor leakage serious
    infiltration cause
    design problems: drainage height design is unreasonable, rain can not be discharged in time, there is not in place at the drainage port construction, there is rain water pouring phenomenon
    material problems: waterproof coil aging cracking;
    construction problems: coil facade height is not enough, lower than the finish layer, facade has an opening, water.
    treatment plan
    the use of no open fire operation, that is, water-based asphalt waterproof coating composite self-adhesive coil construction process.
    Repair process
    water-based asphalt waterproof coating composite self-adhesive coil construction process compared to the traditional coil process and coating technology has many advantages:
    seamless dense waterproof layer: asphalt coating and the grass is completely full of glue, forming a seamless dense waterproof layer, can cover 2mm cracks, adapt to the building structure subsidon and cold Strong thermal deformation ability, solve the hot melt coil construction or self-adhesive coil construction can not achieve 100% full bonding caused by the waterproof layer of the lower water problem

    construction is convenient: brushing asphalt paint construction is simple, no technical work is required, and the water-milk asphalt coating drying speed is fast, greatly improving the construction efficiency;
    asphalt coating composite self-adhesive coil waterproof system, more reliable than the individual paint construction process, waterproof thickness is guaranteed, durability is better.
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