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    New research shows that humans have amazing 'nutritive intelligence'

    • Last Update: 2022-05-26
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    Pioneering research has revealed what drives people's basic food preferences, suggesting that our choices may be smarter than previously thought, influenced by specific nutrients, not just the calories we need

    The international study, led by the University of Bristol in the UK, aimed to re-examine and test the widely accepted idea that humans evolved to prefer energy-dense foods and that our diets simply consist of eating a variety of different foods balance

    "Our findings are important and quite surprising," said the study's lead author, Jeff Brunnstrom, a professor of experimental psychology.

    The paper, published in Appetite, Gives New Weight Bold research in the 1930s by American pediatrician, Dr.

    Its findings were later scrutinized and criticized, but replicating Davis' research was impossible because this form of experimentation on infants is considered unethical today

    To overcome these hurdles, Professor Brunnstrom's team has developed a new technique to measure preferences by showing people images of different combinations of fruits and vegetables, so that their choices can be analysed without would jeopardize their health or well-being

    A total of 128 adults participated in both experiments

    To complement and cross-validate these findings, we looked at real diet mixes reported in the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey

    Another striking aspect of this study is that it embodies an unusual type of collaboration

    Interestingly, the research of Professor Brunstrom and Mark Schatzker stemmed from a disagreement

    Professor Brunnstrom explained: "I watched Mark's excellent talk where he challenged the accepted view among behavioural nutritionists that humans only seek calories in food

    "It was all fun, so I ended up going to see him and basically saying: 'Well told, but I think you might be wrong

    Mark Schatzker added: "This study raises important questions, especially in the modern food environment

    "Research shows that animals use taste to direct the vitamins and minerals they need

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