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    New rules! Online price early warning management, high-priced drug procurement will be focused on monitoring.

    • Last Update: 2020-09-18
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    Medical Network September 14th September 11th, the State Health Insurance Administration and other departments jointly issued "guidance on strengthening and improving the basic medical insurance coverage work" stressed the need to carry out the universal insurance plan in depth, which means that the 2769.7 billion yuan balance health insurance fund will be further expanded, but the level of health insurance payments should be high-quality development.
    The day before, Jiangsu Provincial Health Insurance Bureau issued "on the further improvement of the drug sunshine hanging network norms and price warning management related matters notice", further guide enterprises to standardize the hanging network, in-depth promotion of drug sunshine procurement work.
    It is interesting that the province requires the use of "red, yellow and blue" three-color reminder to medical institutions to remind, supervise and assess the bargaining results of different products of the same variety of dynamic monitoring and analysis, to include in the price warning scope of drug bargaining warning or reminder, to promote medical institutions to take the initiative to bargain.
    For medical institutions with large quantities of medicines purchased in the red areas with large proportions of long-term non-bargaining and bargaining results, and the top medical institutions in the procurement volume of red early warning drugs, the medical insurance department shall interview and supervise rectification according to the circumstances.
    Jiangsu to take the lead in health care procurement to do more refined.
    the adjustment of 800 billion yuan of account funds, the medical insurance system has been building consensus and transmitting its forces to the pharmaceutical industry chain.
    "Four Rules" squeeze drug price water from the Jiangsu Provincial Health Insurance Bureau notice, to enter the pharmaceutical province of Jiangsu, the drug price must meet the four major norms: First, generic drug network prices should not be higher than the corresponding original research drugs.
    Comparing preparations, generic drugs that have passed (including the same as through) consistent evaluation, and generic drugs that have not been evaluated shall not be higher than the price of the corresponding original research drug when declaring the sun hanging network, and if the declared price is higher than the corresponding original research drug hanging network price will not pass the examination.
    is to fully implement the drug price differential rules.
    Need to be reminded that the "comprehensive" two words, that is, where enterprises declare the hanging network drugs, in addition to should meet the requirements of the sunshine hanging network, the same enterprise with the generic name of the drug different dosage forms, specifications, packaging has a relationship involving differential prices, the declared price should also comply with the drug price differential rules requirements.
    if the price of a product under the same generic name does not meet the requirements, it will not be approved.
    next, Jiangsu Province platform all hanging drugs, will be combined with the annual hanging network price dynamic adjustment will gradually put the drug price differential requirements in place, one is no exception.
    is the new approval of registered drugs negotiations the upper limit price for the provincial platform has been listed the same drug minimum price.
    new approved registered drugs with the same generic name, dosage form, specifications and provincial platforms as signed-up drugs, with the provincial platform has been linked to the same drug minimum price as the negotiated ceiling price.
    the generic name and the provincial platform has been linked to the same drugs, dosage form or specifications of different new approved registered drugs, to the provincial platform has been registered drug minimum price according to the differential price rule after conversion of the price for the negotiated upper price.
    fourth is to temporarily not accept the suspension, revocation of the registration of drugs on the Internet declaration.
    For drugs that have been suspended or unsealed for non-compliance with relevant regulations, the sun hanging network declaration of different specifications and packaging products under the same dosage form shall not be accepted for a period of suspension or within one year of being revoked.
    the drug is suspended and the suspension of the internet expires, the relevant enterprises may re-report in accordance with the provisions.
    if only look at these four norms, squeezing drug prices is the primary purpose.
    , however, if linked to Jiangsu Province's steady implementation of the total amount under the control of the multi-composite health insurance payment method reform, and DRG payment, disease sub-payment pilot, it can be judged that the future Jiangsu Province drug market will be greatly adjusted.
    management of many measures and take Jiangsu Province's approach is to innovate the implementation of the online price early warning management.
    according to the document deployment, the province's sunshine procurement after the implementation of the new hanging network drugs (except emergency rescue drugs and shortage of drugs) abnormal hanging network prices included in the scope of early warning and pushed to medical institutions.
    is the definition? Notice that the price of the hanging network is higher than the implementation of the sunshine procurement, the provincial platform has been linked to the highest price of the same variety of products (with the hanging network product dosage form or specifications, the highest price to the same variety of registered products the largest number of dosage forms or specifications of the highest price by the difference rate rule conversion) 2 times or more of the new hanging network products will be listed as the red warning range, and the hanging network price is higher than the implementation of the sunshine procurement, the provincial platform has hung the same variety of products the highest price but less than 2 times the new hanging network products for the yellow warning range, the province will implement dynamic management of price warning.
    It is learned that the new hanging network products included in the scope of early warning, according to its early warning color and platform has been registered with the highest price difference of the same variety of products, graded measures: First, the red warning range and the hanging network price reached the provincial platform hanging network with the highest price of the same variety of products 10 times and above new products, the provincial platform bargaining page marked "serious abnormal price warning", focus on monitoring and monthly notification of its procurement transactions, if necessary, may suspend its Procurement transactions; interview and supervision of medical institutions purchasing the above-mentioned products; second, red warning products, provincial platform mark "price warning" key monitoring, regularly inform their procurement situation, and medical institutions according to the purchase amount and amount of ranking, the top medical institutions interview, urge rectification;
    analysts believe that the future direction of health care reform is guided by health effects, therefore, the establishment of a medical insurance payment system suitable for the medical union, medical association, and slow disease as a breakthrough will inevitably lead to the remodeling of the drug structure.
    , especially the reform of individual accounts, is highly controversial, but if buyers are allowed to guarantee and extend the scope of benefits in the future, drug procurement and use will change dramaticly.
    reforms are progressing and are worth looking forward to.
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