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    New Study: Probiotics May Help Improve Muscle Mass, Improve Muscle Performance

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
    • Source: Internet
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    A new experimental study suggests that
    plant Lactobacillus may improve muscle mass, promote energy release, combat fatigue, and enhance the body's vitality.the mice lost significantly less weight and increased muscle mass after
    TWK10 (LP10)
    plant lactobacillus
    weeks later, scientists at Taiwan's National Sports University reported.Data released
    the nutrients also show that after adding probiotics, the experimental animals gained grip strength and better endurance when swimming."These results are really exciting, but..."Dr.
    Ra rf Jaeger
    , co-founder of
    , an independent global consulting firm, commented independently on the findings: "While the findings of
    Chi-Chang Huang
    and related personnel are really exciting, humans, different from animals, need to repeat human trials before determining whether the strain contributes to muscle health and improves athletes' athletic ability." Differentcan lead to different reactions and problems in the body: athletes have different microbiomes than sedentary people, and this difference is due to differences in protein consumption patterns and exercise patterns. Since rats feed on each other's faeces, animals'
    the true n-size
    is lower than generally reported in studies that look at the microbiome, because the problem of microbiome exchange is inevitable if the animals are not raised independently.The link between the intestines and muscles is a hot area of recent concern, and recent human trials have shown that probiotics have the potential to improve muscle endurance (at high temperatures), avoid exercise-induced inflammation, as well as physical decline after exercise, or improve protein utilization, thus indirectly improving recovery and reducing exercise-induced muscle damage. It is not known what direct effect probiotics have on muscle mass and strength in humans. If similar results are reproduced in human trials, probiotics will not only benefit athletes, they may also help older people resist muscle decay and prevent muscle atrophy."If similar results are repeated in human trials, probiotics will not only benefit athletes, they may also help older people resist muscle decay and prevent muscle atrophy," said Dr.
    Raf Jaeger
    . Theexplained: "They divided
    male mice into three groups, giving a probiotic-free diet and a low-dose group (per
    2.0 per day.
    500 million units
    probiotics) meals and high-dose group (1.03 billion units per
    ) meals continued to replenish
    weeks. Theshowed that the fore limb grip strength in the low-dose group and the high-dose group were
    times and
    times, respectively, in the control group.compared with the control group, mice in the low-dose group and the high-dose group also had significant improvement in endurance during swimming, with physical exhaustion extended to
    times and
    times, respectively.also found that probiotics significantly reduced fatigue index, after intense exercise challenges, serum lactic acid, ammonia and creatosterase indicators were much higher than the control group.the serum creatrophosphate kinase is an important clinical biological indicator of muscle damage, muscle atrophy, severe muscle necrosis, myocardial infarction, autoimmune
    , acute renal failure," the researchers explained. Therefore,
    can reduce skeletal muscle damage induced by vigorous exercise. "Trend analysis results
    significant dose
    LP10 treatment and creach acid kinase levels.animals supplemented with probiotics also had less fat pad quality than the control group (
    50.3% less in the high and low dose groups
    ). Muscle mass increased, and muscle mass in the probiotic group was 1.1 times higher than in
    control group.the mice changed their body composition and became stronger and stronger after
    LP10 6
    weeks of supplementation," the researchers said. In study, we found that supplementing
    improved motor ability, reduced white adipose tissue, increased muscle mass, and increased the amount of fibrous fibers in the fibula on the basis of not gaining weight. These results suggest that the gut microbiome, which contributes to the host metabolic esope, affects the body's vitality in terms of energy balance and body composition. " later studies,
    could be used in people who focus on aerobic endurance training to protect and maintain good health," the researchers wrote. In addition, there is a lack of human data that can prove the existence of this in-house association. Because people have different lifestyles, behaviors and eating habits, and there are many environmental factors that can also affect the microbiome in the human body, future research should be based on animal models, through human trials to verify the existing conclusions. ”
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