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    New technology in Japan: Vegetable oils can be used to produce hydrocarbon fuels

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    announced the results of a study on march

    , 2016, confirming that plant-sourced oils are effective in producing hydrocarbon fuels.
    , according to the Shitiqiao media understand that the results
    and Xinzhou University conducted the research and were published at the

    81st Annual Meeting of the Society of Chemical Engineering on march 14
    March. In addition, the company

    patented the published

    , 2015.Hydrocarbon fuel production from coconut oil and sunflower oil after catalytic cracking reaction If hydrocarbon fuel is prepared from vegetable source oil, hydrogenation is necessary to remove oxygen molecules, but this can lead to increased investment costs in equipment. Therefore, in this study, the researchers divided the experiment into three groups, namely, the main components of saturated fatty acids coconut oil test group, the main components of unsaturated fatty acids sunflower oil test, and mixed coconut oil and sunflower oil mixed group, respectively, with its catalytic cracking reaction, without hydrogenation treatment to test the production of hydrocarbon fuel.results confirm that hydrocarbon fuel production increased in the sunflower oil test group and in the coconut oil and sunflower oil mixing group. It is stated that unsaturated fatty acids are easy to produce hydrocarbon fuels by catalytic cracking, while saturated fatty acids are difficult to produce hydrocarbon fuels by catalytic cracking, but can promote the production of hydrocarbon fuels by mixing a certain amount of unsaturated fatty acids.the company plans to conduct hydrocarbon fuel generation tests in the future using vegetable oils or bare algae-derived oils, with the aim of using the technology to produce hydrocarbon fuels in areas that do not provide hydrogen.
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