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    New toilet paint can save half of the water

    • Last Update: 2021-07-21
    • Source: Internet
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    Sinochem News News from a research team at Pennsylvania State University in the United States has recently developed a new type of liquid coating, which can be sprayed on a common ceramic toilet, which can save at least 50% of the water


    Research published in the new issue of the British "Nature·Sustainable Development" magazine shows that this paint needs to be sprayed in two steps

    The first step is to spray a molecularly modified polymer on the inner wall of the toilet to "prime".
    The dried polymer will grow hair-like molecules, but the diameter is only about one millionth of human hair.
    ; Then use the second paint to inject a layer of lubricating film on the surface of these "hairs" to form a very "slippy" and waterproof surface


    Studies have shown that after two steps of spraying, when only a small amount of water is used to wash the artificial excrement, the latter will slide down completely without any adhesion, and it also enhances the antibacterial and deodorant functions of the toilet

    The researchers said that the entire spraying process only takes less than 5 minutes, and the second paint needs to be sprayed again after 500 flushes


    Huang Desheng, the corresponding author of the paper and associate professor of biomedical engineering at Pennsylvania State University, told Xinhua News Agency that this method can save 90% of water in laboratory tests; when used in unmodified traditional toilets, it can save at least 50%.
    Of water


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