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    New trend of lung cancer tumor immunity: Can K drug receiver o drug regain growth?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    On May 29, 2020, the ASCO conference line opened with the addition of nine heavy "late-breaking" abstracts 1, including 1Avelumab pee road skin cancer maintenance JAVELIN Bladder 100; 2Coreida MSI-H/dMMR first-line indications of colorectal cancer KEYNOTE-177;3Ohitinib early non-small cell lung cancer assistadaURA; 4Avelumab has been updated with the rare gynaecological cancer TROPHIMMUNInterested readers can access the end-of-article linkin recent years, in the field of lung cancer, targeted chemotherapy and tumor immunotherapy have profoundly changed the treatment options for lung cancer patients, and increasingly accurate targeted chemotherapy programs and increasingly innovative tumor immunotherapy have gradually expanded the beneficiariesAt the 2020 ASCO conference, there were a number of key updates to non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer, including the following:targeted therapy:1EGFR exon 20 insertion mutation non-small cell lung cancer, Oichtinib (#9513), double anti-amivantamab (#9512) data update, EGFR exon 20 insertion of this subdivision of patients will usher in a breakthrough, Takeda mobocertinib and Johnson and Johnson double antiamivantamab will be two drugs of concern;2Ohitinib (#LBA5) updated the adaURA data on postoperative assisted treatment in patients with IB-IIIA EGFR mutation non-small cell lung cancer, and reduced the risk of disease progression by 79% in patients with IB-IIIA, and it is expected that Ochtinib will cover advanced metastatic non-small first- and second-line, early-cell lung cancer-assisted therapyThe smooth expansion of early-assisted indications will give Ochtini a strong growth boost in the future market;3trastuzumab deruxtecan (#9504) updates HER2 mutant non-small cell lung cancer data, orR 61.9% in 42 non-small cell lung cancer patients, and excellent tumor response, according to which the FDA awarded its third breakthrough therapy;oncology immunotherapy: 1 Tiragolumab Detailed subgroup data update (#9503), Tiragolumab combined with Atlizumab can further help PD-L1 high expression patientclinical clinical benefits; 2 Odivor updates the first line of non-small cell lung cancer Check 9LA (#9501), Navuliu monoanti-mono-mono-mono-anti-i-mono-e-2,co-2-cycle chemotherapy Recently, Oedivo successfully expanded the first-line indications of non-small cell lung cancer with CheckMate 227,9LA; 3 Coreda updated the first-line large-stage small cell lung cancer KEYNOTE-604 (#9001), but Reda was able to significantly reduce the risk of disease progression, but Coreyda vs The placebo failed to significantly improve patient survival; Infeifan updates extensive small cell lung cancer CASPIAN (#9002), Durvalumab and tremelimumab and platinum-etoposide group total survival benefits are no different from individual chemotherapy, as one of CTLA4 monotors, tremelimumab due to low Treg removal ability, the market value has basically disappeared due to low Treg removal; this article will focus on 2020 ASCO cancer Can Rida receiver disadvantage: small cell lung cancer first-line indications expansion is not very smooth
    Coreda with KEYNOTE-024, 42, 189, 407, can Rida or combined chemotherapy has successfully expanded scaly, non-scaly non-small cell lung cancer first-line indications, in the non-small cell lung cancer has firmly grasped the unshakable advantage! In 2019, Corey Ida's annual sales of $11 billion, non-small cell lung cancer indications contribute more than half! lung cancer first-line indications: KEYNOTE-604 official disadvantage
    Coreda has won the first-line victory of non-small cell lung cancer, at present, in small cell lung cancer, can Rida approved the 3 line of small cell lung cancer, first-line indications, Coreida has not yet built Lung cancer attack slightly, KEYNOTE-604 can be called the battle of Thereida! Merck, ASCO 2020
    KEYNOTE-604: mPFS 4.8 vs 4.3 months, HR 0.73, significantly improved PFS Merck, ASCO 2020 KEYNOTE-604: mOS 10.8 vs 9.80, HR 0.80, not statistically significant Merck, ASCO 2020 -604 clinical results are still surprising, in patients with a wide range of small cell lung cancer, candida combination of optoside and platinum chemotherapy can significantly improve the survival of patients without significant progression, but the overall risk of survival is not significantly improved The induction and maintenance periods, IMpower133 vs CASPIAN vs KEYNOTE-604 design is similar, wherein the KEYNOTE-604 maintenance period is also the Coreda joint endopoine-platinum chemotherapy, 4 cycles In small cell lung cancer indications, Corey "turned over" IMpower133 vs CASPIAN vs KEYNOTE-604
    Roche Astra Zeneca, ASCO 2020 IMpower133 vs CASPIAN vs KEYNOTE-604: Corey taper unperformed OS advantage Roche AstraZeneca, ASCO 2020 Merck, ASCO 2020 2, Odiv2019Q1 Market Sales Decline: Can Take Off Again 2020, Persimmon's 1Q Results revealed euro-to-euro global sales of $1.76 billion, down $1.76 billion compared to $1.76 billion in the quarter May 15, 2020, May 26, Odivor has been approved for non-small cell lung cancer first-line indications with CheckMate 227 and 9LA, which is a key expansion of Odivor's lung cancer indications the author here simply compares several key scenarios of advanced non-small cell lung cancer first-line indications: reference U.S Full Prescribing Information Atezolizumab treatment options have selected only one of the PD-(L) 1 combined chemotherapy, PD-(L) 1 - bevalpzumab combined with chemotherapy, PD-(L) 1 combined ipimuzumax- chemotherapy, these options have been approved for non-small cell lung cancer first-line indications, treatment costs, and the clinical benefits of chemotherapy and ipita-monotamine in the photo-of-9LA III, TIGIT to help tumor immunity: atalizumab anti-tiragolumab can significantly improve the total survival of patients with PD-L1 high expression of non-small cell lung cancer
    Roche, ASCO 2020 CITYSCAPE: PD-L1 High Expression Patient ORR 66% vs 24% Roche, ASCO 2020 CITYSCAPE: PD-L1 High Expression Patient, mPFS not reached vs 4.November, HR 0.30 Roche, ASCO 2020 CITYSS: Atlizumab anti-monodrug performance is not satisfactory
    CITYSCAPE clinical data show that tirlumagoab combined with atilisareathaacangedcangedcanaudaline can significantly improve clinical benefits of PD-L1 high expression patients, CITYSCAPE and IM For comparison: 1 Atli zhu singular control, CITYSCAPE in TPS greater than 50% subgroup progression survival period of 4.11 months, IMpower110 in TC3 or IC3 s TC s 50% or IC s 10% PD-L1 plus, with a total lifetime of 20.2 months, CITYSCAPE's progressless survival is a bit low; CITYSCAPE and IMpower110 patients baseline is different, PD-L1 expression measurement test method is also different, the former, 22C3 ICH, the latter SP142, although can not be directly compared, but CITYSCAPE's progression-free survival is indeed low; Tiragolumab's joint atlizumab only increased clinical benefits in PD-L1 high-expression patients, which is still instructive for the clinical development of other TIGIT monotorsis TC, tumor cell; IC, tumor-immuninge cells PD-L1 expression was centrally evaluated with this VENTANA SP142 IHC assay TC3 or IC3 s TC s 50% or IC s 10% PD-L1 plus; TC1/2/3 or IC1/2/3 - TC - 1% or IC - 1% PD-L1 plus; TC2/3 or IC2/3 s TC s 5% or IC s 5% PD-L1 plus a Stratified b Only for depurposeive .tTC2/3 or IC2/3-WT did not scroted by the pre-specified boundaryyy y snr for statistical tc1/2/3 or IC1/2/3-WT wass not formally tested and did dydd met not statistical sjos Source: 1.
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