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    New Zealand's pioneering cell health brand MitoQ innovates scientific videos to unlock new health

    • Last Update: 2022-05-24
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    April 8, 2022—Shanghai, people all over the world are paying more and more attention to and improving their health conditions.


    MitoQ molecules start small and fight cellular stress

    Professor Mike Murphy, the co-founder and scientist of MitoQ®️ molecule, as the official scientific advisor of MitoQ, has been committed to the research in the field of mitochondria for many years.


    Professor Mike Murphy, co-founder scientist of the MitoQ®️ molecule

    To solve this problem, MitoQ's exclusive patented antioxidant technology MitoQ®️ molecule was born, which breaks the conventional antioxidant form and is a smaller, positively charged antioxidant that can penetrate the negative charge of mitochondria The double-walled membrane greatly increases the absorption efficiency, can effectively control the balance of free radicals, effectively fight against cellular stress, and improve overall health

    mitochondria in cells

    Exclusive patented MitoQ®️ molecule

    MitoQ molecules penetrate the double wall membrane of mitochondria

    Scientific video starts from unique elements and interprets the cellular world

    Science is a complex and difficult course to understand.

    part of a science story

    Different from the traditional narrative video, MitoQ's scientific video starts from different levels, and uses a vivid three-dimensional picture and concise text to explain one thing

    Science video focuses on the inside of the human body

    This unique content presentation method not only conforms to the brand positioning of MitoQ's professional hard core, the dynamic visual effects have a more "black technology" sense, but also takes into account the conciseness and storytelling, so as to better "translate" professional and scientific aspects.

    Scientific research is the foundation and core of MitoQ's brand

    Since the birth of the MitoQ®️ molecule, the brand has spent 22 years exploring the effects of MitoQ in the human body

    MitoQ's scientific videos are not only based on solid scientific research results, but also conduct in-depth research on user behavior and the market to optimize product lines

    MitoQ's new scientific videos are not only released through official social platforms, but also simultaneously launched on various sales channels

    About MitoQ

    MitoQ is a global cell health pioneer brand with a breakthrough targeting technology MitoQ® molecule (patent number US6331532B1), which is at the forefront of the new field of targeted molecules and the beginning of the cell health revolution

    MitoQ cell health full range of products

    MitoQ currently has 8 different products in the Cell Health series


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