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    Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology has made breakthroughs in graphene high-efficiency dispersion technology

    • Last Update: 2021-11-23
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    Graphene is the most popular research direction in the past decade and is considered a revolutionary material.
    Many countries around the world are actively deploying graphene research to compete for the leading position

    At present, domestic graphene research is developing rapidly, especially in the direction of low-cost batch preparation of graphene, which is at the forefront of the world

    However, there have been few breakthroughs in the application of graphene in China so far.
    This is because the obtained graphene is easy to re-aggregate, making it unable to fully utilize the excellent properties of graphene in a single layer

    Therefore, graphene dispersion technology is a key technical bottleneck restricting the popularization and application of graphene


    The "Advanced Coatings and Adhesive Technology" team of Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences has taken nanomaterial dispersion technology as one of the important research directions since November 2013.
    It has conducted in-depth research and a large number of high-efficiency dispersion technologies for graphene.
    Experiments have made some breakthroughs recently

    Under the leadership of industry researchers, our team synthesized a special dispersant for graphene

    The dispersant is added to the graphene-containing solution, and the monodispersed water-based and oily graphene dispersion can be obtained by stirring treatment, and the graphene powder that is easy to redisperse can be creatively prepared

    At present, Ningbo Institute of Materials has applied it to some coatings fields and has shown great improvement in performance

    This dispersion technology helps graphene to achieve breakthroughs in the application of anti-corrosion coatings, anti-static coatings, conductive inks, transparent conductive films, super capacitors, battery materials, and heat dissipation materials


    Currently, this technology and related products have applied for 14 national invention patents

    The research results have a significant role in promoting the industrial application of graphene


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