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    Ningbo Paint Association held a review meeting of "Water-in-water Colorful Coatings Alliance Standard"

    • Last Update: 2021-07-31
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       Global Coatings Network News:
    For the rigorous and standard formulation of standards, Ningbo Paint Association held an expert review meeting of "Water-in-Water Colorful Coatings Alliance Standards" in the meeting room on the fifth floor of the Municipal Product Quality Inspection Institute on the morning of April 13.

    Global Coatings Network News:  

    The experts and standard drafters participating in the review meeting include Professor Zhong Guolun of the Biological and Chemical Engineering Branch of Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, Hu Shijin, Engineer of Ningbo Huashang Chemical Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Director He Yifang of the Municipal Product Quality Inspection Institute, Sun Xinggao, General Manager Li Guangming of Ningbo Dabao Coating Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Ningbo Senior Engineer Zhou Fugen of Fuming Paint Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Engineer Xu Jinbao of Ningbo Xin'an Paint Co.
    , Ltd.
    At the meeting, the experts had a serious discussion on the preparation, format, standard adoption, and main indicators of the alliance standard, and the quality coefficient of the alliance standard was again carefully discussed and revised based on the relevant data of the preliminary review.
    Everyone also repeatedly discussed the unreasonable and unscientific technical indicators in the draft of the Union standard for review, and put forward practical revision opinions, so that the content of the deduction technical indicators of the Union standard reached the international advanced level.
    Director Hu Yijun of Ningbo Institute of Standardization attended the meeting and gave guidance on the verification of the Union standards.

    In the end, Secretary-General Wu Xiaoming made a summary of the review meeting.
    The formulation of the "Water-in-Water Colorful Coatings" alliance standard will bring improvements in product quality to Ningbo architectural coatings companies.
    At the same time, I would like to thank the experts for their time invested in the development of the alliance standard.
    And energy, according to the progress of the work plan, the next step will be to hold the finalization meeting of the standard again, and convene the promotion and signing meeting of enterprises participating in the implementation of the alliance standard in the industry, and assist the enterprises to transform the "Water-in-Water Colorful Coatings" alliance standard into an enterprise Standards, hope that through the promotion and implementation of the alliance standards, to help member companies occupy the high-end market in the coatings industry.
    It is also hoped that through the formulation and implementation of the alliance standards, the quality of the bulk industry of Ningbo paint companies will be further improved, which is more conducive to further improving the overall quality of the company, thereby promoting the continuous optimization and upgrading of the paint industry.
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