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    Nippon shipping company introduces cold coating technology

    • Last Update: 2019-07-18
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    Nippon Marine Coatings Co., Ltd recently launched a cold coating technology specially designed for ships to resist solar radiation When the coating technology is used on the deck, it can reflect nearly 80% of the solar radiation heat Compared with the conventional coating, the temperature difference can reach 28 ℃ This technology does not need special construction equipment or technology, but its coating contains reflective pigment with advanced formula design, which can effectively inhibit the temperature rise of the coating surface and reduce the heat transfer from the coating surface to the steel structure substrate For example, the thermal insulation performance of the coating is tested on the compass deck of a bulk carrier The results show that the surface temperature of the coating is 42 ℃, while the surface temperature of the conventional coating is 70 ℃ A similar test was carried out in the cockpit of a ship In the low temperature season of January and February, the coating did not show the sunlight reflection effect From March, with the temperature rising gradually, the reflection performance of the coating also showed gradually "By reducing the surface temperature of the open deck, shipyards can reduce the application of thermal insulation materials, shipowners can also reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning, save fuel and improve the boarding conditions of passengers, especially in tropical climate," said the head of Nippon marine coatings (Europe) In addition, the coating can also be applied to the deck of ballast water and cargo warehouse to ensure that the cargo is in a safe and stable temperature range Moreover, it is also suitable for the thermal insulation protection of liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks Libon coating company has been developing cold coating technology for many years The technology is applied in the construction industry and Japanese automobile manufacturing industry to reduce the indoor temperature or the temperature in the car in the open parking lot The test results show that the temperature in the car can be reduced by 11% compared with the conventional coating.
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