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    No. 73 requires the state to talk about the comprehensive landing of drugs in the face of landing resistance This path or optimal solution

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Supporting incentives include: according to the fund's income and expenditure, by including the special type of outpatient insurance, exploring single-disease payment and other ways to reduce the burden of patientsWhere conditions exist, long-term prescription policies can be actively explored to facilitate patientsAlternative use is encouraged for drugs that are more cost-effective and completely replaceable than the original medicineImplementation level requirements: health departments at all levels to guide and improve the negotiation of drug guidelines and norms, regulate the behavior of diagnosis and treatment, promote rational drug useEach fixed-point hospital will strengthen the management of drug use to ensure the reasonable and standardized use of negotiated drugsThe State Administration of Health Insurance selected some co-ordination areas to focus on monitoring the use of related drugsOf the 119 new drugs, 70 were successful and 27 of the 31 renewal drugs were successfulMost of these drugs are recently marketed and have high clinical value, involving cancer, rare diseases, hepatitis, diabetes, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, rheumatism immunity, cardiovascular, digestion and other more than 10 clinical treatment areasChina talks about medicine from the establishment of the system to the landing of measures, breaking through a lot of resistance, there are still many difficultiesThe apparent reason is the limitation of the burden of the medical insurance fund and the proportion of clinical drugs, the profound reason is that the hospital doctor lacks the purchasing and use of the power, which is the side effect after the implementation of the zero-plus, but also the stress response to the price reduction of the amount of purchaseHow to quickly and well complete the 73 document requirements of the state to talk about the drug landing, we sensetwo two points: First, must be efficient, respectively, tens of thousands of major fixed-point hospitals around the specific requirements, a large number of management, supervision content is very scary, may also be very bluffing; How to work efficiently and immediately, we first thought of the "Internet plus" may provide a realistic platform, resources, channels, and then combined with the promotion of national discussion of drug landing existing supporting policies, the need to adjust the bottleneck problem, we try to make clear through the following proposals "Internet plus special" to solve this problem advantagesFirst, the state talk about the drug landing and drug ratio between the pseudo-contradictions, vigorously promote the state talk drug landing this work, is the health insurance will work with the health care department in doing, the health insurance fund affordability problem in this can be temporarily blocked, conditions to be on, in the absence of conditions, in order to the people's health interests as the center, create conditionsOne of the bottlenecks that should be concerned about is the proportion of drugs, mainly facing three situations: First, through active inclusion in the protection of the gate disease, exploring single-disease pay, cost-effective drug replacement place, through prescription effect, cage for birds for the national talk of drug landing to give up some space; Third, some places to undertake the task of medical reform model medical institutions have no options, hard scalp in the total medical insurance budget, drug ratio and other control lines, the first time the state to talk about medicine into the hospital catalog, but in this regard to be bigger and stronger, or lead the surrounding hospitals to follow up, things are difficult to doIn this way, the state talk about the drug landing by the proportion of drugs is very limited, is a real contradictionHowever, we suggest that two development expectations should be paid attention to, which will lead to the conversion of this pair of contradictionsFirst, through the cost-effective drug replacement, explore single-disease payment, including the door special disease protection and other methods, a hospital can play dynamic, and even more hospitals can play dynamic, through cage-for-bird, the hospital by the impact of the state-to-state drug landing can self-healing; We believe that the second development expectation is no more positive and responsible than the first, but it will enable more hospitals to complete the national drug in parallel with the hospitals that have undertaken the first reformTo put it another way, the second development expectation, although no more intense than the first, personality, but it makes a considerable number of hospitals in the wait-and-see period dare to step at a more stable pace There's action first, then there's the spirit Second, the Internet platform to do special strategic purchase of the real helper first, the Internet platform like pharmaceutical business has working capital, the Internet platform has also included the national drug will be able to easily have this ability By undertaking prescriptions, the Internet platform can send the national drug to primary care institutions or certified patients The star advantage of the Internet is to quickly solve the accessibility, to see whether the hospital doctor is willing to let go, to participate in the special cooperation of the Internet Second, there is competition between Internet platforms, which can be selected by departments such as health insurance, health care and hospitals to undertake the special assistance of the country to discuss the arrival of drugs Drug users can choose the drug that is successful in the same generic name, or the drug that the drug companies voluntarily reduce their prices (of course, provided that reimbursement policies are in line with) Of the 97 countries, five are also on the base drug list The base drug catalog, including the national drug, health insurance catalog dynamic real-time adjustment, no platform can be faster than the Internet platform to respond to implementation We can't predict what risks all catalog drugs will be able to circulate through the Internet platform, but the risks are manageable based on the real-time dynamic landing of chinese medicines Third, the Internet platform not only to assist in the completion of strategic purchase after the procurement, use, but also in the special anti-fraud insurance has an advantage First, some hospitals for the introduction of the state to talk about drug time and effort distress, simply pick a pick, this kind of coping is a kind of deception, the Internet platform can help share the difficulties of work; Second, the Internet platform to engage in drug traceability has been several years, the state to talk about the landing of a part of the flow of drugs grafted to the Internet platform, can prevent drug exchange loopholes, people can not step into the same river twice, for the medicine taken, a few into a few also become difficult From the accumulation of data, how many drugs doctors prescribe, how many drugs patients use to fully record, both historical comparison can also horizontal comparison Fourth, the Internet platform makes the country to talk about medicine just need patients run less legs, no longer have to ask which hospital introduced the national drug, do not have to speculate on the hospital's inventory and delivery period, even if to grade the diagnosis and treatment closer to home, lower-grade medical institutions may also be reasonable prescription of state medicine, do not have to worry about the hospital's embarrassing working capital, do not have to listen to a long list of hospital doctors explanation reasons Fifth, under the new medical reform of the new normal and new environment, the Internet platform has been fully transferred to the development of the fields of health, medicine and health Its development of the future if the single with traditional insurance companies, traditional social pharmacies, who wins and who loses, who really who is virtual, is not yet known One of the logics of health insurance reform is to shift from passive payment to strategic purchase, and the concrete reform measures reflect the legalization and specialization Internet platform can help health care, patients to ease the complexity of the medical industry and information asymmetry, in the final analysis, health care is helping medical institutions, patients and even their own to find a harmonious and sustainable development track The special cooperation between the state-to-land drug landing and the Internet platform does not mean that the doctor who cheats the hospital is just going to fix a test line first, so that the task object goes to run first At the end of the article, the new medical reform and the Internet special cooperation to promote the strategic task of the outside of the topic In No 73, there is no specific word for zero-plus, but we believe that modern hospital management, decision-making must have cost pressure and profit motivation The significance of the national talk of medicine is so important, special for the country to talk about medicine plus 15% of the words, health insurance, patients can afford, we put the medicine is too important.
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