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    No matter how good a friend is, he can only go with him

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Jane's book is like a long track leading to the literary Everest - publishing books

    People come here for different purposes: some are purely for the purpose of participating in the competition and realizing the dream of writers; others are only for the purpose of watching and being an audience; of course, quite a lot of Jane Eyre focuses on participation and doesn't care about the results

    We all start from the same starting line, but we choose different directions and speeds

    At the beginning of the road is very crowded, the players play, encourage each other, and go all the way

    The road with others is not lonely

    But as the schedule continues to expand, there are always people who drop out (stop watch), or are far behind (shorthand ranking)

    Different from other competitions, literature is a kind of self competition, and it is the only rival

    Therefore, it can be said that all competitors are small partners and spiritual supporters

    But those who do well always get ahead

    They go all the way and challenge themselves constantly

    This also means that the road is more and more lonely, after all, only a few people can touch the Everest of Jianshu

    As the ultimate goal of publishing books, it's hard for me to say goodbye to the familiar Jane you, but it's also a helpless move

    Past experience has taught me that only by maintaining a high degree of self-discipline and treating writing with professionalism can I achieve my goal within 5 to 10 years

    I can only wish all Jane you who have worked together side by side to achieve success, because literature is not the only way to achieve personal value.
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