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    Non-VOC green clean taste environmentally friendly water-based coating film additives came out

    • Last Update: 2021-03-03
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    China Coatings Network
    News: As of mid-February, after a year of operation and commissioning, 10,000 tons / year net taste environmental protection
    water-based coatings
    film additives (DN-300) production line fully meet the design requirements. The product is currently revered by developed countries as a fully environmentally friendly film-forming additive, providing support for
    coatings and coatings.
    film-forming additives are also known as membrane-forming agents, film-aiding agents, collosal gels, softeners or lattices. Film-forming additives are indispensable and important additives in
    industized substances
    built coatings
    environmental markers with synthetic resin emulsions as the main products. In other words, in order to change the coating gear, we must first achieve the membrane additive upgrade.
    The project leader Dr. Yang Jianguo told reporters that DN-300 is a clean taste, non-VOC green film-forming additives, can be widely used in ethylene acetate poly and co-polyemulant, acrylic poly and co-polyemulants and more than 10 kinds of latex coatings. DN-300 products are polyester compounds, as a variety of water-based latex and dispersion coatings of high-efficiency film-forming additives, in light and semi-gloss paint application is particularly effective, can give high-grade
    latex paint
    perfect polysexuality, color display and storage stability, can be filmed in a larger construction temperature range.
    DN-300 has significant performance characteristics ;D: its use in a variety of emulsions and adhesives, performance is better than other film-forming additives on the market, and the dosage can be appropriately reduced, and can be used alone; In addition, the DN-300 can also improve the paint film performance and construction performance, such as repair and scrub resistance, improve weather resistance, and film-forming effect and paint after a unique storage stability, leveling and adhesion, and can improve gloss.
    present, China has become a large country of paint production and consumption, in 2014 the total domestic paint production has reached 16.48 million tons, of which the construction paint production has reached 5 million tons, and the annual growth rate of 8%. Global
    Coatings Network
    learned that for a long time, raw materials and their additives have always been a weak link restricting the development of China's coating industry, especially high-grade building coatings used in the full environmental protection film-forming additives, long-term dependence on imports. Therefore, in China's high-grade architectural coatings to green, multi-functional direction of development at the same time, it is urgent to increase the research and development of additives for the coating industry to provide strong technical support.
    " Today, developed countries are in pursuit of all-environmentally friendly film-forming additives, because of its own non-toxic, non-VOC emissions, become a water-based building coatings dedicated film additives, currently only the United States and other individual countries have tens of thousands of tons of production capacity. We believe that with the increasingly strict environmental protection regulations in China and the introduction of paint consumption tax, clean-smelling green water-based coatings will inevitably become the development direction of architectural coatings. Therefore, the DN-300 should have a broad market space. Yang Jianguo told reporters with confidence.
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