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    North China Oil and Gas Promotes Optimal Operation of Daniudi Gathering and Transportation System

    • Last Update: 2021-07-30
    • Source: Internet
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      China Petroleum & Chemical News Network News Since the beginning of this year, in order to effectively ensure the safe and stable production of Daniudi gas field, North China Oil & Gas, based on the current gathering and transportation bottlenecks in the current surface system, pinpoints the power point, and strives to optimize the operation of the gathering and transportation system

      The Lower Paleo gas reservoir is an important production replacement area for Daniudi gas field
    Through the comparison of multiple schemes, the Engineering Institute designed a ground desulfurization layout based on "regional centralized desulfurization + decentralized gas collection" to adapt to the "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan of the ancient gas reservoirs

    At the same time, in combination with the development plan of the Da48 well area, the No.
    3 desulfurization station is deployed in the southwest of the No.
    8 gas gathering station, with full consideration of the margin, and reasonable setting of key parameters such as hydrogen sulfide, latent sulfur, and gas gathering scale

    By introducing the DDS biological iron desulfurization process, the unit latent sulfur treatment cost can be reduced by 13.
    5% compared with the complex iron process


      At present, 53 gas gathering stations have implemented secondary pressurization in Daniudi gas field.
    With the extension of production time, the stable production period of secondary pressurization is gradually shortening.
    This year, there will be 12 gas gathering station compressors from secondary compression.
    Change to three-stage compression

    In order to reserve the follow-up pressure reduction measures in the gas field in advance, the Engineering Institute carried out a double-cavity mixed oil and gas pressure boost test at the 58 gas gathering station in the Daniudi gas field.
    During the test, the speed of the device was increased to increase the gas well production pressure difference, with an average daily increase.
    With a gas volume of 3,500 cubic meters, the effect of increasing production is obvious, and the device is stable and reliable in operation and low in energy consumption.
    It can be used as a reserve technology for the gas field to further improve the recovery rate of the gas field


      The three gas gathering trunk lines of Daniudi Gas Field have not carried out corrosion monitoring work since they were put into production in 2005
    Through the component test of the solid impurities purged from the gas field treatment station, 86% of the components are corrosion products of acid gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide

    In the wet gas gathering and transportation mode, the corrosion problem of acid gas on the ground system has become increasingly prominent


      In order to ensure the safe operation of the gathering and transportation system, the Engineering Institute has formulated a combination of corrosion detection + corrosion treatment
    At present, the existing Xiagu development wells have all realized the normal injection of corrosion and scale inhibitors

    In addition, 29 wells in 8 well areas of the gas field, 3 gas transmission trunk lines, 7 gas gathering branch lines, and 5 stations have started to monitor corrosion coupons, and the gas field corrosion monitoring system has been initially established


      (Fan Jinzheng)

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