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    Northwest Oilfield's research and development of solar-powered electric grease injection pump obtained national patent

    • Last Update: 2021-06-06
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      Sinopec News.
    cn On May 14, the "solar electric hydraulic grease injection pump" developed by Zhang Shunbang, a technician in the third area of ​​the oil production management of the second oil production plant of the Northwest Oilfield, obtained a practical technology patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

      Grease injection of Christmas tree valves in oil field oil and gas wells is to ensure that the valve can perform its function normally, extend the service life of the valve, reduce the occurrence of internal or external leakage of the valve, and ensure the safe production of oil and gas wells.
    Oil wells are injected with grease at least once every six months.

      In the past, manual grease injection pumps were used, and each grease injection required 6 grease injection personnel, equipped with two vehicles, divided into 2 groups, and they were busy from morning to night.
    Tired to backache and arm pain, a group can only complete 3 wells a day.
    There are a lot of people and vehicles, long time for fat injection, high cost for fat injection, inaccurate fat injection, and heavy labor intensity.
    It takes half a year to work.
    Nowadays, a new type of solar-powered electric grease injection pump is used to inject grease, and one person and one car per day can easily inject grease into 8 wells.

      This solar-powered electric grease injection pump with the characteristics of high efficiency, low cost, accurate measurement and low labor intensity has a total investment of 11,000 yuan.
    After nearly a year of painstaking research, it has been successful.
    Last year, it was used in more than 800 production wells in the second oil production plant and injected grease twice a year, saving more than 7.
    3 million yuan in comprehensive production costs such as labor, materials, and vehicles.
    At present, it has been promoted and applied in three other oil production plants in Northwest Oilfield, which can reduce costs by more than 18 million yuan per year.

      (Lu Dequn and Hu Qiang)

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