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    Home > Food News > Food Flavorings News > Notice of Shandong Agricultural Technology Extension Center on Printing and Distributing the Technical Guidance Opinions on Fruit Trees and Cotton in Responding to Strong Typhoons and Heavy Rainfall in the Province (Lunong Technology Crop Two Words [2022] No. 10)

    Notice of Shandong Agricultural Technology Extension Center on Printing and Distributing the Technical Guidance Opinions on Fruit Trees and Cotton in Responding to Strong Typhoons and Heavy Rainfall in the Province (Lunong Technology Crop Two Words [2022] No. 10)

    • Last Update: 2022-10-02
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    Municipal agricultural technology extension (agricultural technology extension services, digital agricultural and rural development, agricultural machinery technology promotion, agricultural comprehensive services, agricultural and rural affairs services, agricultural technology services, agricultural technology extension and seed industry) centers:
    In order to actively cope with the adverse impact that Typhoon "Plum Blossom" may have on fruit trees and cotton production this year, the Shandong Provincial Agricultural Technology Extension Center has formulated the "Technical Guidance for Fruit Trees and Cotton in the Province to Cope with Strong Typhoons and Heavy Rainfall", which is hereby issued to you
    Plum peanuts
    Shandong Agricultural Technology Extension Center
    September 15, 2022
    Orchards and facilities fruit trees should respond to strong typhoons and heavy rainfall technical guidance
    Orchards and facilities fruit trees should respond to strong typhoons and heavy rainfall technical guidance
    Strengthen risk investigation
    Carry out dragnet inspection of safety risks in orchard tree bodies, frame timbers, fruit tree greenhouses, greenhouses and other facilities and electrical equipment, and immediately rectify and strengthen hidden dangers; Clean and dredge the drainage system of the orchard and the surrounding ditches to ensure smooth
    Remedial measures for wind disasters in orchards
    The first is to clean up the orchard
    as soon as possible.
    Remove the debris, fallen leaves and fallen fruits in the orchard in time, cut off broken branches, and remove rotten fruits
    The second is to sort out the tree in time
    Fruit trees that have been blown down by strong winds or washed down by water are reinforced in a timely manner, and if necessary, support and binding
    The third is wound protection
    Timely apply 843 rehabilitation agents or antiseptic agents to wounds caused by wind blowing large branches to promote healing and prevent the occurrence
    of diseases such as decay and anthrax.
    Remedial measures for flooding in orchards
    The first is to eliminate waterlogging
    in the orchard as soon as possible.
    Speed up drainage to prevent suffocation and death
    from fruit tree roots.
    For plots with serious water accumulation, take a variety of measures to dredge the drainage ditches around the orchards and remove the water accumulation in the orchards; If the water accumulation is extremely serious, mechanical drainage should be used, and a drainage ditch should be excavated between the anterograde of the outer edge of the canopy to remove the water
    from the root system.
    For orchards that do not have open water but have already passed the water, drainage ditches should also be dug at the outer edge of the canopy to discharge the water in the
    The second is to grill the soil and dry the roots
    After the weather is good, the soil under the tree tray is pulled open, so that the silted water evaporates as soon as possible, and the soil
    is re-covered after 1 to 3 days according to the weather conditions.
    Or shallow ploughing of the soil in the tree pan to restore soil permeability
    as soon as possible.
    The third is rational fertilization
    Timely spray 0.
    3% of foliar fertilizers such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate for rapid supplemental nutrition, about 7 days apart each time, continuous spray 2 to 3 times; According to the nutritional status of fruit trees, an appropriate amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer is applied underground, or a partial fungicide is applied in combination with biological fungicide
    The fourth is to strengthen the prevention and control of diseases and
    insect pests.
    After the disaster of fruit trees, the trees are weak, the disease resistance is reduced, and the whole garden should be sprayed with fungicides to prevent and control leaf diseases
    Technical guidance for cotton to cope with strong typhoons and heavy rainfall
    At present, it is a critical period for cotton spit harvesting, such as strong winds and heavy rainfall, which is prone to waterlogging and lodging, which may cause greater losses
    to yield and quality.
    In order to actively respond to the typhoon weather, this opinion
    is specially formulated.
    First, race against time to rush drainage
    All localities should dredge the river drainage ditches as soon as possible, open up the bamboo knotted ditches, and dig the fish thorn ditches in the fields; Strengthen the dredging of the water transmission channels and ditches to ensure the smooth flow of the three ditches, the free drainage and irrigation, and the retreat of the rain to prevent the cotton fields from being harmed
    by waterlogging again.
    After the rain, quickly organize personnel to rush to remove the water
    in the field.
    For low-lying plots with poor drainage, strong drainage measures should be taken to shorten the time
    of water accumulation in the field as much as possible.
    Second, support the lodging cotton in a timely manner
    For the cotton that has fallen down, when the rain stops the water and retreats into the ground, it is necessary to go down to the ground in time along the direction of lodging, through smart support, light support, and anterograde support, avoid hard pulling, and it is not appropriate to step on it with your feet to reduce root damage
    After the cotton plant is straightened out, the soil is cultivated in time to stabilize the tree, so that the plant grows upright to improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions of the cotton field and prevent the lodging
    again in the later stage.
    Third, scientific foliar fertilization
    At present, the root absorption capacity of cotton has gradually declined, and the root absorption capacity of cotton field waterlogging has further declined, and it is not appropriate to carry out rhizosphere topdressing, and foliar spraying
    can be used.
    In order to prevent the rapid change of clouds and clouds after rain, the temperature rises, causing cotton wilt and green withering, and in order to prevent cotton defertilization and premature aging, after rain, foliar spraying of 1% urea and 0.
    5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate mixed solution 2 to 3 times, every 5 to 7 days
    The time of spraying should be carried out on a cloudy day or in the evening to prevent leaf
    To reduce labor, leaf fertilization can be combined
    with pesticide spraying.
    Fourth, pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests
    After the rain, the humidity in the field is large, coupled with the fact that the physiological function of cotton has not been fully restored, the disease resistance has declined, and diseases and pests are prone to occur
    To this end, after the rain, it is necessary to spray sterilization and antibacterial agents in time to prevent the occurrence of
    cotton diseases.
    Rotten bell disease can be controlled by underlying defoliation and chemical application methods, such as 0.
    3% polyantimycin water agent 3-6 g/mu, 10% diphenyl ether methoconazole water dispersible granules 18-36 g/mu, 75% oxime ester pentazole alcohol water dispersible granules 24-48 g/mu
    At the same time, moisture-loving pests such as whitefly lice and green blind tree are prone to serious occurrence, and prediction and forecasting should be strengthened and timely controlled
    Control can use 50% fluridine amine nitrile water dispersible granules 7 ~ 10 g / mu + 22.
    4% spiroethyl ester 25 ~ 30 ml / mu or 25% thiamethazine water dispersible granules preparation 4 ~ 8 g / mu + 22.
    4% spiramine ethyl ester 25 ~ 30 ml / mu spray, spray after 4 pm, spray every 7 days, spray 2 to 3 times
    Fifth, timely collection of flowers to dry
    Rotten bells will appear in cotton fields affected by waterlogging, and the cotton bells that begin to blacken should be removed in time, dipped in 1% vinyl and dried, so as to avoid the formation of zombie petals and reduce losses
    Cotton harvesting should be done, first, timely harvesting
    Before typhoons and rainfall, grab the normal spit cotton in time to prevent rotten bells and reduce losses
    The second is to implement the division of harvest, sun, storage and sale
    That is, the white flowers and dull flowers, the zombie petal flowers and white flowers, the frost flowers and the frost peeling peach blossoms, and the normal spit good flowers and polluted flowers are separated
    Third, the drying seed cotton site should be kept clean and clean, and the harvesting, drying and storage should control the "three wires" mixed into the seed cotton to ensure the quality
    of the original cotton.
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