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    Notice on soliciting opinions on the group standard project plan for "Vacuum Decay Law of Non-destructive Testing of Food Packaging Sealability"

    • Last Update: 2022-05-26
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      [ Hot Focus on Chemical Machinery and Equipment Network ] Recently, our association plans to organize the formulation of the group standard "Non-destructive Testing of Food Packaging Sealability - Vacuum Decay Method".
    The project establishment is explained as follows:
    Chemical machinery and equipment network hotspots focus on chemical machinery and equipment
      Objective: To establish a non-destructive testing method for the tightness of food packaging, to provide an effective detection method for food and food packaging manufacturers, to ensure the tightness of food packaging, to ensure food quality and safety, to reduce waste, and to reduce potential economic losses and environmental hazards, protect the health and safety of consumers, and promote the establishment of an environment-friendly society

      Significance and necessity:
    Significance and necessity:
      The safety of prepackaged food depends on the quality of the food itself on the one hand, and is also affected by the packaging materials on the other hand
    In the production process of prepackaged food, air leakage and liquid leakage due to defects such as leaking sealing, pressing through or pinholes in the packaging material itself will have adverse effects on the food contents, resulting in moisture, oxidation and deterioration of the food.

    _ This will not only bring economic losses to enterprises, but also may affect the health and safety of consumers


      The current domestic standard method for testing the airtightness of food packaging GB/T 15171-1994 uses the water bubble method, that is, the prepackaged food samples to be tested are placed in water in a vacuum box.
    Although the method is simple and easy to operate, and the position of the leak point can be accurately indicated by the position of the bubble emerging, the sensitivity of this method is not high, and some pinholes with a diameter of less than 15 μm cannot be detected by this method, but Some bacteria and other microorganisms can still enter the inside of the package through pinholes below 15 μm, causing the food content to deteriorate; and if the pores on the package are large, the water in the water tank may enter the package, causing food content.
    It is damaged by infiltration and cannot be reused


      This standard is intended to be based on the American ASTM F2338-09 (2020) standard, using the vacuum decay method for non-destructive leak testing, and to make appropriate modifications to the standard to apply to different types of packaging
    The method adopted in this standard can detect tiny leaks caused by pinholes with a pore size as small as 5 μm, with high sensitivity, and can accurately quantify the pressure difference caused by pore leakage without damaging the packaging or affecting the food contents.
    achieve rapid detection
    However, this method also has its shortcomings: it cannot indicate the specific location of the leak point
    After communicating with many companies in the food and packaging industry, it is generally believed that this standard can be used as a scientific and effective supplement to GB/T 15171-1994 and has high practical value


      The formulation and implementation of this standard will effectively make up for the inadequacy of the existing domestic food packaging sealing test standards, provide another scientific and effective rapid quantitative detection method for the food and food packaging industry and related institutions, and will improve the product quality of enterprises.
    It plays an active role in improving the quality pass rate, leading the development of the industry, and safeguarding the health of consumers


      I will now solicit opinions on the above project establishment plan.
    If you have different opinions, please return your opinions and reasons to our email address: cnfia@vip.
    com before April 22, 2022.
    No reply after the expiration date will be regarded as agreement


      Standardization Working Committee of China Food Industry Association

      April 8, 2022
      Original title: Notice on soliciting opinions on the group standard project plan for the "Vacuum Attenuation Method for Non-destructive Testing of Food Packaging Sealability"
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