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    Notification! Hubei: rapeseed oil, small hemp flowers, red sugar detection of non-conformity was recalled off the shelf

    • Last Update: 2021-01-15
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      Food Partners Network News August 15, Hubei Province Market Supervision Bureau released the 31st issue of 2019 food safety sampling information, organized sampling of sugar, cooking oil, oil and its products, fried food and nut products, alcohol, meat products, dairy products, potatoes and puffed food a total of 7 categories of food 210 batches, non-conforming samples 3 batches.
    food related to sugar unqualified 1 batch; edible oil, grease and its products qualified 1 batch; potato and puffed food unqualified 1 batch.
    non-conforming food, there is a batch of Shen Nong rack forest area wood fish town green source farmers wholesale distribution center sales of the label Yichang Jin bean grain and oil Co., Ltd. production of Fu Peiguan pure rapeseed oil (production date / lot number: 2018-09-21), solvent residue inspection value of 14.8mg /kg, standard provisions must not be checked out.
    solvents in solvent residues are organic volatile compounds used in the production of vegetable oils in the leaching process but not completely removed during the process.
    in the quality standard of edible vegetable oil, solvent residue is a common mandatory quality index, which can indicate whether the quality of oil products meets the standard, but also reflects the size of production costs.
    the cause of excessive solvent residues may be the use of leaching solvents in the production and processing process, no effective measures have been taken in subsequent processes to remove solvents, or such products are referred to as crushing violations.
    in cooking oil is too high, long-term exposure can damage the human nervous system and hema production system.
    There is also a batch of Ruiyu Tute products sold by the company's label Luyang City, Luzhou District Jingxiang food processing plant produced by the handmade small hemp flower (sweet and spicy) (puffed food) (production date / lot number: 2019-04-28), the total number of falles exceeded the standard.
    total number of microbial indicators is an indicative microbial indicator, not a pathogenic bacteria indicator.
    is mainly used to evaluate food cleanliness and reflect whether food meets hygiene requirements in the production process.
    the total number of bacteria exceeded the standard indicates that individual enterprises may not strictly control the production and processing process of sanitary conditions, or packaging container cleaning and disinfection is not in place;
    In addition, there is a batch of Shayang County Kairun Trading Co. , Ltd. sales of the label Wuhan Yufengyuan Trading Co. , Ltd. produced red sugar (production date / lot number: 2019-01-24), inspection, standard provisions must not be checked out.
    For the non-conforming products found in the sampling, the Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Administration has requested the market regulatory authorities in Wuhan, Yichang, Jingmen, Puyang, Shennon Rack Forest District and other places to urge the production operators to immediately seal, unscath and recall the unqualified products, and to further investigate and deal with the non-conforming products, to identify the batch, quantity and reasons for the production of unqualified products, and to formulate corrective measures.
    Non-conforming product information serial number labeled production enterprise name labeled production enterprise address by sampling unit name sampling unit name specifications of food name model production date / batch number non-conforming items ║test results║ standard value inspection agency note 1 Yichang Golden Bean Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. Yichang Wujiagang District Firelight Village Shennon rack forest area wood fish town Green source farmers wholesale distribution center Shen Nong rack forest area wood fish town post and telecommunications new village Fu Peiguan pure rapeseed oil 5L / bottle , 2018-09-21 solvent residue ║14.8mg / kg║ not to check out wuhan food and cosmetics inspection production process: press 2 Jingxiang food processing plant in Luzhou District, Luyang City, Shuanggou Town Industrial Park next to Weizhuang Village 2 group 78 Ruiyu Tute products business in Daqing West Road Longshun home 2 buildings 105 rental handmade small hemp flowers (sweet and spicy) (puffed food) 208 g / bag Total number of 2019-04-28 ║1.4×10⁴CFU/g, 1.8×10⁴CFU/g, 1.4×10⁴ CFU/g, 7.9×103CFU/g, 1.3×103CFU/g ║n=5, c=2,m=10⁴ CFU/g, M-10⁵CFU/g Wuhan Food and Cosmetics Inspection Institute/3 Wuhan Weifengyuan Trading Co., Ltd. Wuhan East Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Area Huguang Village, Huguang Village, No. 1 Shayang County Kairun Trading Co., Ltd. Shayang County Hanjin Avenue 71 (Yushui Jindu Phase II 1, 2 building front) red sugar graphics trademark 2019-01-24║ check out║ not to check out Wuhan Food and Cosmetic Inspection Institute / (Source: Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Administration) related reports: Hubei Provincial Market Supervision And Administration Food Safety Supervision and Inspection Information Announcement (No. 31 of 2019) This article was edited by Food Partners Network Food Information Center, for the reference of netizens, welcome to reproduce, reprint please indicate the source! If you have any questions,
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