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    Novarma's $280 million acquisition of Vedere Bio has resigned

    • Last Update: 2020-11-09
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    October 30, 2020 / Medical Information At a Glance: Lilly's $440 million introduction of Fosun Pharma BCL-2 inhibitors; Sanofi/Recycled PD-L1 approved by FDA; Gilead halts 3 JAK1 inhibitor filgotinib trials; Haussen Pharmaceuticals Cabotini's first generic second listing application accepted... Daily fresh medicine news, speed reading society and you pay attention to! Part 1 Policy Brief State Council: The development direction of primary health care personnel is clear October 28, the State Council Information Office held a press conference, focusing on the "13th Five-Year Plan" period of primary health care personnel reform and development of the situation and direction.
    In particular, we should improve the incentive mechanism for medical personnel to work at the grass-roots level, establish a medical education system to transport talents to the grass-roots level, promote the multi-point practice of registered physicians, train talents at the grass-roots level by strengthening the construction of the national medical team, enhance the ability of grass-roots talents through training and provide legal protection for talent management.
    (State New Office) a number of big three began to purchase equipment on October 28, the National Health and Health Commission issued the "National Health and Health Commission Office on the 2020 Class A large-scale medical equipment configuration permit declaration work notice", requiring the jurisdiction to declare Class A large-scale medical equipment needs and meet the configuration conditions of medical institutions, within the prescribed time to declare.
    (National Health Council) Part 2 after watching Novartic's $280 million acquisition of Vedere Bio's continuous plus-size gene therapy On October 29, Novartic announced a $280 million acquisition of Vedere Bio in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in a deal that expands Novartic's advantage in gene and cell therapy and will provide Vedere Bio with a full range of ophthalmology gene therapy platforms.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Lilly's $440 million introduction of Fosun Pharma BCL-2 inhibitors on October 29, Fosun Pharma announced that its controlling subsidiary Reinstate pharma has signed a License Agreement with Lilly, granting Lilly an exclusive interest in Fosun Pharma BCL-2 inhibitor FCCN-338 in all regions of the world except Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macau.
    deal is worth up to $440 million.
    ,000-dollar venture capital fund for Leonardo da Vinci Robotics has launched its first venture capital fund, a $100 million venture capital fund called Intuitive Ventures, a US-based surgical robotics company.
    fund is targeted at early start-ups, with a focus on minimally invascopic surgery.
    (Creative Exchange) Boan Bio and Ocon vision reached a cooperation today, Greenlee Pharmaceutical Group announced that its Boan Bio and Ocon vision reached a cooperation and exclusive promotion agreement in China to jointly develop Boan Bio's biological drug LY09004.
    addition, Boan Bio granted the exclusive promotion and Chinese mainland commercialization rights of the product to Ocon vision in the united states.
    (Xinhua) -- Chen Qiyu resigned as chairman of Fosun Pharma on October 29, Fosun Pharma announced that due to the adjustment of work arrangements, Chen Qiyu and Yao Fang resigned as chairman and co-chairman respectively, the personnel change effective the same day.
    , Fosun Pharma announced that Wu Yifang will take over as chairman and serve as executive director and chief executive officer.
    Wu was previously president and CEO of Fosun Pharma.
    (E drug manager) Tian Shili general manager resigned on October 29, Tian Shili announced that the board of directors recently received Zhu Yonghong's written resignation report - due to the company's strategic development and organizational team building, Zhu Yonghong applied to resign as general manager of the company, resigned after continuing to serve as a director of the company.
    (Seberan) Pharmaceuticals and AB2 Bio reached a partnership on October 29th, and AB2 Bio, a Swiss biotechnology company dedicated to the development of innovative therapies for severe systemic autoinstitive diseases, announced that they had reached a partnership for the commercial production of a new recombinant human, Ethyretin 18 (IL-18), in combination with the protein Tadekinig alfa.
    On October 29th, Vilizhibo announced the completion of a new round of financing of nearly 200 million yuan, with the original shareholders Enron Ventures and Wig Capital continuing to participate in the investment.
    focused on the development of new antibody drugs for tumors and other major diseases.
    (Pharmaceutical Mission) Companies, The company completed a $310 million cross-round financing on October 29, and the company announced that it had successfully raised $310 million in oversubscribed cross-round financing.
    it's worth noting that the $310m financing of the company, announced on August 11th this year, is rare for a newly established bio-starter.
    (Pharmaceutical Mission) Part 3 Pharmaceutical Information State Drug Administration announced that 18 batches of drugs do not comply with the regulations October 29, the State Drug Administration issued a notice on 18 batches of drugs do not meet the regulations.
    by the Chongqing Food and Drug Inspection and Inspection Research Institute and other 9 drug testing institutions, marked as Guizhou Yi Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other 11 pharmaceutical production enterprises produced 18 batches of drugs do not meet the requirements.
    (Xinhua) -- AstraZenecom has entered into a joint TIGIT/PD-L1 inhibitor treatment NSCLC clinical partnership Today, Arcus Biosciences announced a partnership with AstraZenecon to launch a registered Phase 3 clinical trial. To evaluate the efficacy of Arcus in the study of anti-TIGIT antibody domvanalimab (AB154) in combination with PD-L1 inhibitor Imfinzi (durvalumab) to treat patients with non-small cell lung cancer in non-removable stage III.
    (Drug Mingkangde) Sanofi/Regenerative Libtayo Treatment PD-L1 High Expression NSCLC Patients Receive FDA Priority Review October 29, Regenerative Meta announced that the FDA has accepted PD-1 inhibitor Li btayo ® (cemiplimab rwlc) supplemental biologics license application (sBLA) for first-line treatment of PD-L1 expression ≥50% of patients with localized advanced or metastasis non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Sanofigoche disease new drugs approved clinically in China october 28, CDE announced that Sanofi and genzyme jointly declared a new class of 1 drug veglustat, two clinical trials are implied permission to develop treatment for patients with nervous system-affected age ≥12-year-olds and adult Goshe patients.
    has suspended patient recruitment for three adaptation clinical trials of Filgotinib pending feedback from the FDA, just days after Gilead halted three trials of the JAK1 inhibitor filgotinib.
    the suspension of recruitment, the FDA decided to reject an application for approval of JAK1 inhibitors for trials to treat rheumatoid arthritis due to drug toxicity concerns.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Haussen Pharmaceuticals Cabotinib first generic varieties of the second listing application was accepted today, CDE official website announced that Haussen Pharmaceuticals 3 classes of generic drug cider acid cabotinib tablets of the second listing application was accepted, which is only about a month after the first generic varieties of the first listing application was accepted.
    (Insight Database) Gate dongine birdine injection instructions revised December 29, the official website of the State Drug Administration issued a notice on the revision of the door dongine birdine injection instructions, the injection (including mendionine) The instructions for birdine injection, injection of holsteine ostrichine, adverse reactions, precautions, taboos, medication for pregnant and lactating women, medicine for children, and medication for old age shall be revised.
    (Sina Pharmaceutical News) Anhui Beckentin Binte Nofowe tablets second was approved October 29, NMPA issued approval, Anhui Baker 4 classes of generic drugs Enqute pentoinolfowe tablets were approved by NMPA, becoming the second in China, while the same through consistency evaluation.
    (Insight Database) Clinical trial of Pruid treatment COVID-19 completed 381 subjects on October 29, Pioneer Pharmaceuticals announced that its clinical trial of Prueline treatment COVID-19 (trial number: NCT04446429) completed the planned 381 subjects on October 25.
    clinical trial was conducted by Pioneer Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with American company Appleed Biology.
    to date, no adverse drug-related events have been observed in clinical trials.
    (American News Agency) micro-core biodiabetic new drug approved new clinical October 28, micro-core biology announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary micro-core pharmaceutical industry recently received the NMPA issued a "drug clinical trial approval notice", agreed to a new class of drug sigrate sodium tablets in patients with type 2 diabetes with metformin combined with drugs for the treatment of people with poor efficacy of metformin blood sugar control.
    (Pharmaceutical Mission) RAF/MEK inhibitor unlimited cancer treatment Phase 1 trial published in Lancet-Oncology, the latest publication of an RAF/MEK inhibitor VS-6766 (also known as CH5126766) unlimited cancer treatment phase 1 test results, in patients with RAS-RAF-MEK pathfour mutation tumor patients, the safety of the intermittent drug treatment and anti-tumor activity.
    (Medical New View point)
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