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    November 30 Lun aluminum morning review

    • Last Update: 2022-12-07
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    Overnight Lun aluminum opened at 2102 US dollars / ton, during the Asian session Lun aluminum around the daily moving average wide oscillation, above the pressure 10-day moving average resistance touched 2110 US dollars / ton, the center of gravity slightly shifted, into the European trading session, Lun aluminum contrary to the previous days of the European market strong normal, performance sluggish, the center of gravity continues to move down, night with the opening of Shanghai aluminum, deepening the depth of decline, the low recorded 2050 US dollars / ton, closed at a low of 2053 US dollars / ton
    The trading volume increased by 15973 lots to 28336 lots, and the position increased by 1543 lots to 680225 lots

    Lun aluminum

    In terms of the market, on the day, the spot price of London aluminum was 2100 US dollars / ton, a discount of 14.
    25 US dollars / ton compared with the March contract; The actual ratio of Shanghai aluminum spot to London aluminum spot was 6.
    91 (import ratio was 8.
    18), and the import loss was 2652 yuan / ton; The actual ratio of the Shanghai aluminum 3 contract to the London aluminum contract in March was 7.
    05 (the import ratio was 8.
    18), and the import loss was 2362 yuan / ton

    In terms of news, overnight, a number of Fed officials announced that they would continue the policy of raising interest rates and reducing the balance sheet, while the news said that the US tax reform plan will soon be submitted to Congress for a vote
    The dollar continued to strengthen overnight, and non-ferrous metals generally weakened


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