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    Novo Nordisk acquires corvidia

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    < br / >Corvidia's core asset is long-acting, all human IL-6 antibody zilivekimab, which is being used to reduce cardiovascular events in phase II clinical trials of CKD patientsCorvidia also has an APOC drug, cor-003, to reduce triglycerides before clinical useCorvidia was founded in 2015 and previously received a total of US $86 million in rounds a and B financing< br / > Novo Nordisk is a traditional diabetes company, which has been thriving forever by replacing insulinBut a few years ago, we announced to stop micro innovation of insulin and start new product developmentThe main achievement is GLP agonist series productsGLP agonists are the only antidiabetic drugs that show cardiovascular benefits except SGLT2 inhibitorsUnfortunately, the mechanism of CV benefits is not clear, so it is difficult to continue to optimizeHemophilia, another major direction, did not go wellIn March, concizumab stopped three mid - and late stage clinical trials due to safety problemsThey also have a factor F8 that mimics the bispecific antibody mim8, which lags far behind Roche's already listed hemlibra< br / > like many chronic diseases, CKD and cardiovascular diseases also have pathological components with abnormal immunityInflammation control is considered as the third pillar besides blood pressure and blood lipid controlSeveral years ago, Novartis conducted a 10000 person trial of Cantos with IL-1B antibody canakinumabAlthough it significantly reduced the mortality of patients with inflammatory cardiovascular disease, it was rejected by the FDA due to the expansion of the safety question labelAccording to Professor Ridker of Harvard University, the main director of Cantos, IL-6 is the main culprit, although blocking IL-1B shows efficacy IL-6 is the main component of cytokine storm Both IL-6 and IL-6 receptor antibodies have been approved for use in rare diseases related to cytokine storm, such as CRS of car-t and arthritis in children caused by HLH In this year's new crown infection, there are also some severe patients with IL-1 and IL-6 seriously exceeding the standard, so IL-6 antibody is also in the clinical trials of new crown Corvidia believes that zilti is the most active IL-6 antibody, so it is most hopeful to have enough safe window < br / > IL-1 and IL-6 are the main cytokines in immune response, which inhibit the activity of IL-1 and IL-6 Although these cytokines may be involved in the occurrence of many diseases, it needs a very complex evaluation and selection mechanism for blocking drugs to find enough window indications This may be the reason that the existing antibody drugs are only approved in rare diseases without standard therapy, and it is also the problem faced by other similar mechanisms such as NLRP3 inhibitor development Canakinumab has shown good efficacy in gout and cardiovascular diseases, but it is not enough to balance the side effects, so there is no label for these common diseases, and zilti will face the same challenge A few years ago, Novartis canakinumab proposed to specialize mass diseases and divide common diseases into subtypes with different therapeutic sensitivity, which may make the pathway based drug discovery model proposed by Novartis more realistic This model says that one mechanism starts with rare diseases with large treatment window, and then expands to common diseases with abnormal access.
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