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    Nutritional value and efficacy of mustard

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Mustard and mustard can add pepper and spicy flavor to dishes, which are widely used in China, India, Africa and other countries

    Long ago, monks and Egyptians had the habit of growing mustard in their gardens, so it has a long history of eating

    Although the main growing season of this vegetable is from December to next April, it can also be harvested in other seasons

    Because of its high nutritional value, mustard is often used in cooking dishes and as seasoning

    The nutrition of mustard is a kind of spicy plant, which belongs to the same plant family as kale and broccoli

    Here are the nutrients contained in every 56 grams of mustard: Mustard's benefits mustard is rich in nutrients, which can provide vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and other nutrients

    Here are the health benefits of mustard

    Free radical scavenging: mustard is rich in vitamins E, C, and a

    The combination of these three nutrients can effectively eliminate free radicals in the body and prevent cell membrane damage

    Vitamin E and β - carotene prevent the body's soluble lipids from being damaged by free radicals

    It is especially good for asthmatics and heart disease patients, and helps relieve menopausal symptoms in women

    Promote lung: vitamin A is believed to have the effect of preventing smokers from emphysema

    Scientific research has found that carcinogens in tobacco can induce vitamin A deficiency, which in turn can lead to emphysema

    Eating foods rich in vitamins can eliminate these toxins

    So mustard is good for lung health

    Slow down the loss of mental function: when we grow old, mental function will naturally decrease

    However, some studies have shown that eating three servings of green leafy vegetables a day can effectively reduce mental function by 40%

    Phytonutrients: mustard contains phytonutrients such as glucosinolates, which react with enzymes in plants called black mustard enzymes

    The conversion of black mustard enzyme to indole and isothiocyanate is known to be some potential carcinogens

    Therefore, mustard also has the effect of preventing cancer

    Help asthmatic patients: free radicals can cause smooth muscle contraction and airway contraction in asthmatic patients, and mustard contains vitamin C which can effectively counteract this adverse effect

    In addition, vitamin C helps destroy the inflammatory chemical histamine that asthma patients over secrete

    Better yet, mustard contains magnesium that also helps relax the muscles of the bronchi and lungs

    Studies have found that eating more mustard daily can significantly improve asthma

    When buying mustard, you should choose the type with fresh tender leaves

    Don't buy mustard whose leaves are soft, yellow and deformed

    It can be steamed, boiled and fried.
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