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    Oat milk brand OATLY a number of products debuted, to create a new fashion of plant protein adornment drinks

    • Last Update: 2021-01-22
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    The 6th Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Expo (HOTELEX Guangzhou Exhibition) once again landed in the Millennium Merchants Capital, more than 600 high-quality exhibitors at home and abroad gathered in nine pavilions, leading the South China high-end catering industry service upgrade new trend! This exhibition, oats "milk" brand leader OATLY Oh Wheatley strong out, with a new upgrade of the oat-based product matrix high-profile debut, bringing a richer plant protein drinking application scenario interpretation, for professional audiences and buyers at home and abroad to bring a refreshing oat experience.
    OATLY Oh Mai Li high-profile debut of the 6th Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Expo focused on oats for nearly 30 years, oats experts OATLY has always led the industry wave.
    based on liquid oats, OATLY has created a range of delicious and high-value products that are popular all over the world.
    selection of Nordic high-quality oat raw materials, equipped with unique enzymatic technology that has not been surpassed and subvert the traditional cool packaging, coupled with creative and interesting communication methods, so that OATLY has become a new choice for consumers.
    since landing in China in 2018, OATLY has taken the lead in the boutique cafe market by taking the boutique coffee shop as the starting point and becoming famous in the "war".
    Based on its success in the market segment, OATLY has worked with industry colleagues to create plant protein categories and drive product growth: the release of plant protein white papers, ring penetration into a number of high-end channels, and in conjunction with Alibaba and Starbucks, in China to promote the trend of plant protein.
    the category has allowed OATLY to grow several times as much as it has become a leader in the category.
    driven by OATLY, oat milk has become a representative plant protein drink popular with Chinese consumers.
    this landing INTELEX Guangzhou exhibition, OATLY as a market segment industry representative, hatching and upgrading again, leading the plant protein sub-category of new patterns opened.
    more than 20 OATLY products and special drinks, the strength to create a direct drink, deployment needs of a full range of oat-based healthy diet program, to show industry partners oat-based products unlimited possibilities at the same time, more food and beverage market into fresh blood.
    in the OATLY booth, in addition to the popular coffee master, mellow oatmeal, raw oatmeal and other products, OATLY also brought oatmeal cream, oat yogurt and so on.
    new product matrix of the new interpretation of the colorful oat-based product form, so that the live guests surprised.
    of OATLY oatmeal products debuted, showing outstanding product strength scene, OATLY oatmeal cream debuted in China, attracting many professional guests to stop to understand and taste.
    oatmeal cream meets the market's popular low-fat demand, with less than 70% of the fat content of dairy cream and no trans fats.
    's smooth, light taste and unique oat flavor make this product highly malleable and is used to make oat milk cover tea for excellent performance.
    the scene of a variety of demonstration drinks present oat-based products change applications in a number of new products, OATLY has been the focus of attention on creative drinking this year is a variety of tricks.
    the "Oats Thick Milk Lades" made with different OATLY oat products, allowing OATLY to once again lead the coffee trend and push the "milk-free" lads into the thick milk era.
    Integrated beverage area, oat yogurt with seasoned fruit, the preparation of fruit oats yogurt rich layer, cleverly blend the fruit aroma of the seasoned fruit and oatmeal back to the aroma, so that the current market mainstream fruit yogurt products to be further sublimated.
    OATLY oat products jointly created thick oat milk tea, as well as combined with the characteristics of the South China diet produced by the warm heart of the red bean oatmeal, oats Yangzhi Ganlu and other model drinks, for oat-based drink matching and diversified scenario applications to provide innovative ideas.
    's full range of OATLY products for the participants to bring visual and taste of the double enjoyment, I believe that the display of oat-based products applications, will be in the spring and summer 2021 market once again set off a new wave of plant-based drinks.
    OATLY to lead the trend, to create a new fashion of plant protein adornment drinking as China's food consumption industry enters the era of experience economy, food consumption to "lifestyle upgrading" continues to evolv.
    's rapidly changing consumer preferences are driving the transformation of China's beverage market into a "diversified" beverage era.
    as a pioneering brand leading Chinese consumers in food innovation, OATLY will continue to lead the industry trend through continuous innovation and breakthrough.
    through a richer oat-based product categories and formulations, more yuan of consumer applications, OATLY will work with industry partners to allow plant protein diet into the healthy lifestyle of consumers, and jointly create a new fashion of plant protein drinking.
    about OATLY OhMali OATLY OhMali is one of the world's leading brands for sustainable development, actively promoting plant-based diets around the world with a view to bringing about a two-way change in human nutritional health and sustainable development on the planet.
    OATLY Oh Miley was born in the 1990s in a study at Lund University in Sweden.
    OATLY OhMali is committed to the production of a range of healthy and environmentally friendly oat plant protein products, its patented enzyme technology modeled on the mechanisms of nature, the dietary fiber-containing oats into meet human needs, nutrient-rich drinks.
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