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    October 11 Shanghai copper brief commentary

    • Last Update: 2022-12-23
    • Source: Internet
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    Today's Shanghai copper was mainly volatile in early trading, quickly pulled up after midday and broke through the 70,000 mark, and as of 3 p.
    , the main 2111 contract of Shanghai copper closed at 70260, up 990, or 1.

    Shanghai copper

    After midday, Shanghai copper was driven by the surrounding market to rise rapidly, the money market judged that the European Central Bank and the Bank of England will raise interest rates by 10 and 15 basis points respectively before December, the US index was affected by this short-term slide to release copper price pressure, and on the other hand, driven by the energy sector and other non-ferrous metals market confidence, Shanghai copper out of the shock range above the 70,000 mark, after 3 points London copper power slightly weakened

    At present, affected by natural disasters in Shanxi, the shortage of electricity may have greater changes, which will affect the price of some metals, but the fundamental factors of copper itself have not changed much
    Near the end of the demand season, the pressure of economic growth in the second half of the year still exists, under the influence of industrial electricity restrictions, the possibility of subsequent prices falling and rising, the recent copper main affected by surrounding factors and news
    It is expected that the overnight Shanghai copper rush will stabilize, pay attention to the downward performance, and pay attention to the situation in the range of
    Operationally, the merchant ships a small amount and some inventory waits and sees
    Downstream stocking is mainly wait-and-see, and it is not advisable to chase too high

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